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Choices Between Hatred, Democratic Governance And Free Society


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July 21, 2018

Adamu Dankore Muhammad


A survival-of-the-fittest kind of scenario that results to hatred of one for another. Each one of them would try to get into power to oppress the choices of the rest.
Take a real life example, like a government banning everyone from driving petrol-powered cars.

262 million lives were lost in the 20th Century alone excluding all wars (killed by their own government) because humanity cannot differentiate between options A and B.

Our ability to differentiate and choose option B, would define the peace and prosperity of humanity in the years to come.
Hatred is a symptom, Not the root cause.

Imagine five people with wildly different backgrounds. Each one of them has a unique kind of food that he/she likes to eat.
Let’s examine a rough estimate of how these people would live under the following scenarios:


Under a democracy, these five people would have to choose which of the five different foods to eat. Each one of these five people would prefer if their food is chosen, rendering the remaining 4 without their favorite foods. This kind of system sets up a survival-of-the-fittest kind of scenario which results to hatred of one another. Each one of them would try to get into power to oppress the choices of the rest.
Real life example, a government can ban everybody from using petrol-powered car, or ban leather bags, or ban a religion, etc.

Under a free society, these five people would be able to eat their favorite foods because there’s no government and no need to choose making everyone happy. This kind of system truly supports UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

As you might notice, under a system like Nigeria, because of the presence of government, people’s choices are thwarted and the only way to get your choice is to be in power or vote someone who supports your choice. Southern and Western Nigeria want restructuring, the North doesn’t. If I find gold in my land, I want to keep it. But I can’t. The government banned me from taking it. These are examples of why government is bad and why we need a free society.

To reduce/solve the issue of tribal hatred, we need to continue to reduce the powers of government.

Written by Adamu Dankore Muhammad.

He writes from Kano, North West Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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