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Climate Change Margaret Thatcher Warned About 30 Years Ago, ‘Hopeful Of Success, Not Fearful Of Failure’ (Video)

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November 9, 2019

Exxon knew about climate change, ten years before Margaret Thatcher raised consciousness about greenhouse emissions and Ozone layer depletion.

Oliver Cooper captured it well when he tweeted that “30 years ago today, Margaret Thatcher became the world’s first major leader to warn of the dangers of climate change and call for a legally-binding treaty to reduce CO2 emissions, which later became the Kyoto Protocol and COP.”

An environmental scientist, Richard Short remembers Margaret Thatcher’s speech very well, for “it started the whole narrative of climate change and only a powerhouse like Margaret Thatcher could wake the world up to it and the world woke up


We therefore ask the question, what has been the end result, for Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s most phenomenal female Prime Minister obviously saw ahead of her time.

Oliver Cooper has some good news to share: “Since the Conservatives entered government in 2010, the UK has cut CO2 emissions by 50% MORE than ANY other G20 country. With the Conservatives, Britain leads the world in combating climate change and are the first country to commit to go zero carbon.
The Montreal Protocol on CFCs (which Thatcher said in her speech the anti-CO2 pact should be based on) had only just come into effect a month previously and turned out to be even more successful than anyone imagined, so nobody knew Ozone Layer would disappear as an issue.”

Phil Anderson has a contrary view though on Thatcher’s place in history as it affects climate change:
“I guess this history has been expunged from societal memory in the face of modern left revisionism. However, there remains a wide perception that by encouraging corporate and personal greed she undermined the goals stated and exacerbated our eco problems”

Philip Amos is also with the dissenting voices on Thatcher’s legacy and he says, “She only did it so she could get support to build “clean” nuclear power stations and screw over the miners who would stop supplies to coal fuelled power stations”.

Like Louis Rynsard:

“One thing we can agree on with Thatcher, her energy policy especially her support for nuclear was spot on, and if she has been able to pull it off would have put us in such a better position – or if other politicians had shared her courage”.

Eslander @Somalilandhano1 says Thatcher’s “aim was not to prevent humanity’s extinction – she was not that (kind) of girl – she was trying to promote nuclear energy. And then it got out of hand with 15 year-old girls lecturing us about the stratosphere before they finished their O level science”.

Curiously, oil majors like Exxon knew about Climate Change almost 40 years ago, according to
Scientific American magazine. That was a clear ten years before Margaret Thatcher’s passionate speech on the environment.

Credits: Twitter

Oliver Cooper

Scientific American

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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