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Coming Out From The Cold: Togo’s Gnassingbe Invites Niger’s Tiani With Warm Embrace, Bursting ECOWAS Sanctions

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December 10, 2023








Togo – “General Tiani in Lomé with Faure Gnassingbe “a big slap in the face to ECOWAS.”

By Sy Marcus Herve Traore

At the invitation of the President of the Togolese Republic, Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé @FEGnassingbe, the President of the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (CNSP), President of the transition of Niger, H.E. General Abdourahamane Tiani paid him a visit at Lomé on December 8, 2023.

And what did they talk about? They talked about business.

Of course, after evoking insecurity in our region, the two Heads of State talked about how Togo can open his port to Niger. Forget about what the media says, the port is the main reason why President Faure invited the General to his country.

For those of us who are in West Africa, we know how Lomé’s port plays a pivotal role in their economy. Without that port, Togo as impoverished as it is will not survive as a State. Any Togolese can confirm what I am saying. Lomé’s port is mainly used by Burkinabè, Nigériens and Malians. We are the landlocked countries in West Africa.

You see, the closest ports to Niger are the ones in Benin, Porto Novo and Cotonou to be precise. So, most clients in Benin’s ports are Nigériens. But here is the thing, President PatriceTalon of Benin Republic decided to close his borders to Niger hence ruining his own economy, all in the name of pleasing his master Emmanuel Macron.

Beninoise can confirm that their country is losing money just by abiding by the useless sanctions of ECOWAS. I showed you a video of how hundreds of trucks are still parked on the borders of Benin up to this day.

When we are ruled by a lack of strategic and pragmatic leaders, what else can we expect from them? Macky Sall did the same stupid thing last year when Mali was undergoing the sanctions of ECOWAS, and he has lost Malian exports and imports.

Folks, this is the type of incompetent leaders who are starving Africans and ruining their own economies, just to please a colonialist Emmanuel Macron the French President.

Now, back to business, remember, since July 26th, @ecowas_cedeao imposed illegal, inhumane and illegitimate sanctions on Niger, among which closed borders from all member States, except that Burkina Faso and Mali didn’t follow these stupid sanctions.

So, under normal circumstances, Togo’s borders should remain closed to Niger even if they both don’t share borders, and there is still an interdiction of flying to any member state of ECOWAS.

So, in spite of all that, President Faure decided to invite Tiani.


Simply, because he will not sit down and let some folks in ECOWAS ruin a major source of revenue to his country and thousands of people’s livelihoods.

I already pointed out in a previous post that all the imports and exports of Niger go through Burkina Faso and from Burkina Faso, we go all the way down to Lomé, Togo and all the way back up to Niger. You may wanna look at the map on google to have a better picture of what I’m saying. Now, I know many have been warning the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) not to align themselves with President Gnassingbé.

When France killed the country’s first President Sylavnus Olympio in 1963, for trying to print his own currency and abolish their damn colonial currency CFA franc, since then, I know their country has never gotten any good leader.

The Gnassingbé have been ruling Togo since 1967. So, yes, he may be known as a French puppet, business is a key imperative.

So, with this new development, @ecowas_cedeao has just received a slap in the face, because they can keep their borders closed “until Thy kingdom come”, and we wouldn’t care.

Now, all imports and exports of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) will go through Togo. So, they may continue to ruin their economies, as for us, we will be working with Togo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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