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Copious Tears Course Down Faces As Pa Joseph Ererobe Omasere Is Lowered At 97


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January 04, 2018

Raising his sons and daughters, Snr. Supt. Apostle Joseph Ererobe Omasere introduced excessive love, laughter, song and dance into the relationship between him and his daughters in their growing up years, while the sons received first rate mentorship and friendship.
Ofagbe community in Isoko North Local Government Area observed the novelty in awe.

The love in the close knit family manifested itself at the interment of the grand old father on December 9, 2017 after his earthly sojourn.

Many apostles, pastors, Bishops and other clergy gathered from all over the world to pay their last respects at Ofagbe.

His array of beautiful daughters wept as if tears would bring back their loving father.
To stop the tears, the Apostle in charge of the service had to request sternly that if the tears didn’t cease, the ladies would not be permitted near the lowering site any longer.

Sons -in -law took over with white handkerchiefs to dab tears on the face of their wives, whispering words of consolation. Many of the sons hid behind dark glasses to cover their tears at the passage of Pa Omasere, three years short of a century of earthly sojourn.

One of his sons, Dr. Israel Omasere, Bishop of Power Ministries in Texas state , USA, testified of the loving nature of his father who danced so well when he was taking a wife almost twenty years ago, happy that the son had joined the married class. This was at a time he was a staff of AGIP petroleum, an Italian oil prospecting venture in Omoku, Rivers State, Nigeria before moving to the USA.


Mrs Solomon, Mr Moses Ekpo, Greg Abolo and Pastor Joseph Solomon all traveled from diverse cities across Nigeria to console Bishop (Dr) Israel Omasere, a co brother -in- law from the USA at his moment of grief.
Snr. Apostles of the Eternal Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria filing past in reverential prayer for Snr. Supt. Apostle Joseph Ererobe Omasere in Ofagbe, Isoko North of Delta state, Nigeria.
The daughters in tearful march past.
Bishop (Dr.) Israel Omasere in cassock filing past.

Bishop (Dr.) Omasere welcomes a co brother In-Law, Pastor Solomon

One of Isoko nation’s best known gospel music exports and successful Producers, Solo King was on hand to sing in praise of God for Snr. Apostle Omasere’s life that was well lived.
Tears stream down faces of the daughters as Papa is laid to rest.
First daughter at the dust – to-dust rites, but in immeasurable tears..
Too emotional and could hardly absorb the pain of the loss of a father at 97, and she falls down crying, ‘papa, why?’

Bishop (Dr) Israel Omasere offers the opening prayers at the Reception ground.
Bishop Prince arrives to join Bishop Omasere in celebrating his father and the call to glory.
After the interment, daughters show their broad smiles while displaying dance steps as Papa taught them the spirit of joy.
After the emotional tears and the fall, well, senior daughter has joy of the father in her heart and she can dance in breathtaking fashion!


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