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Coronavirus As A Messenger

The Oasis Reporters

April 2, 2020

Should humanity see or interpret the Coronavirus pandemic merely as a messenger of death only, to that extent we would have missed the point. Yes, the virus has brought death but before that it brought fear that has gripped the entire world sending panic all over the places.

The virus has attacked humanity’s underbelly and has proven the point that we can only prepare or fight only that which we know or saw coming.

There were varying narratives about another virus Ebola which ravaged a few African nations mostly in the tropical belt of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The advanced world saw Ebola as an African disease since none of their countries was affected.

When the Coronavirus surfaced in China’s Wuhan province it spread very quickly like bushfire in the harmattan. Humanity was caught unprepared.

Viewing the Coronavirus from a military/security standpoint, a much clearer message has been sent particularly to those nations and militaries flaunting their powers and threatening other weaker nations. While it is still unclear as to whether the virus is the invention of man in the course of seeking dominance or military advantage over rivals, its efficacy has been proven beyond doubt.

Because weapons are ethically neutral as the AK 47 developed by the former Soviet Union has proven, the weapon you develop and export today could one day be deployed to fight you.

Afghanistan is a clear example for the former Soviets and the AK 47. Unlike air defence systems which could be deployed against incoming missiles or aircraft, the coronavirus has overcome any such defensive systems.

It is therefore foolish in my humble view for the over reliance on developing sophisticated weapon systems instead of focussing on healing the myriad of problems humanity is burdened with such as hunger and conflict management around the globe.

Who knows whether or not the Coronavirus is an aspect of nature fighting back at the reckless manner mankind has mismanaged and abused what was given to us free without having to ask?

If this assertion is true, the virus ought to be interpreted as a masterstroke by nature against humanity. There is the argument over global warming which scientifically has been proven to be responsible for the weather phenomenons known as El Nino largely believed to be cause of desertification and drought yet some nations are not buying this argument believing that cuts in the emission of greenhouse gases will have negative effects on their economies.

As humanity reels through the coronavirus crises perhaps there is the lesson that we need to beat a retreat from the excesses of yesteryears, recover our sanity as to inform a return to the global debates and or discourses aimed at preserving the world for future generations.

May common sense prevail.

Written by Col. Gora Albehu Dauda (rtd).

He writes from Kaduna, NorthWest Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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