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Corp Member Gabriel Obinna’s Selfless Zeal In Bettering The Degraded Ayegbami Community, Kwara State

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March 4, 2022

Gabriel Obinna inspecting the degraded Ayegbami road.



Gabriel Obinna in the uniform of a Youth Service Corp member, inspecting the ongoing construction work.

By Greg Abolo

When Igbo born Gabriel Obinna was posted to Kwara State for his compulsory National Youth Service Corp scheme, he didn’t know what to expect. Unknown to him, fate had destined him to fame through an involuntary move to solve the problem of road degradation for a people in neglect when a little push would have solved their predicaments.



According to him, “It was the biggest challenge in Ayegbami. I had just arrived as a Corps member 10months ago. I was told the erosion ( in the community that) had claimed the lives of two kids, with businesses closed, inaccessibility to about seven other communities, etc. Overwhelmed with compassion I swore I’d do something about it”.

First thought was advocacy, and he made a documentary.





Awareness of the problem was the first thing. Then articulation of the solution which had to come from the young Corp Member coming from the outside to understand the aberration and seek a solution.

Talk about noticing a societal problem and providing a solution.
Is that not the path to prosperity?

The Representative of the community heard, reached out to Corp member Obinna, digested his proposal and included it in his constituency budget.



Now, the praises started cascading in:

Engr. Abdul-Majeed R53805
@MKO_Abiodun Replying to

“Thanks so much Obinna. Your type is rare. May the Almighty God bless you for this. Keep doing the right thing. I am proud of you, even though I am knowing about you for the first time.
God bless you bro.
Afinju w’oja

Replying to @GabrielObinna6
Amazing that it took a stranger to come down & make the lawmaker representing this area know the level of rot.

He would have visited the place for campaigns many times but someone from outside the state is the reason he knew he had to do something.

While people are commending the good job which this brilliant young man did for the Community, we shouldnt also forget to acknowledge the swift response of the representative/Govt of d state, this shows many thing we lack is as a result of our ignorance.

Abiola De Lagoa@abiolamoe· Replying to @GabrielObinna6

God bless you Obinna. You have written your name in gold, not just in Ayegbami and Kwara State, but in the entire nation. The people of Ayegbami will always welcome you like a King each time you visit. I look forward to seeing you in a higher position where you’d impact more lives

Uche Njoku@0d8dc882e3874eb·

Replying to @GabrielObinna6

People who have their postings worked to the state they want and end up sleeping throughout the service year will tell you they should scrap NYSC. But those who make a difference in the localities they are posted to enjoy their service year.O ji Ọfọ @Oja_Igbo·

Replying to @GabrielObinna6

Good job. You’ve also mastered all the words of the politicians, “Biggest Challenge” “Overwhelmed with compassion” “I swore I will do something about it”.
When are you declaring for president?

Lin Cardinal @lincardinal·

Replying to @GabrielObinna6

Our Governments need to do more…. thanks for your efforts..there are a lot of erosion encroachment sites in different parts of the country but nothing is being done about them..

God bless you beyond your desires.

Replying to @GabrielObinna6 and @Afan4itAll@__ayodamola @_I_am_Jesse

Shey (Does) this corper (have)
get two heads? Una dey (You folks are there), dey open mouth for government.

33k2iSpy a crochet designer @__ayodamola·

No boss he no get two head, help support our own program here in Okaka too.

Replying to @GabrielObinna6

Every once in a while, you look and find a rare gem. An extraordinary person..
Reminds me so much of Tunde (chessintheslum guy).. Thank you for your selflessness.

With Twitter.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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