Covid-19: Nigeria Needs To Leapfrog Testing And Contact Tracing, As Well As Give Succour To The Citizenry

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April 16, 2020

Covid-19 and the need for deeper, faster research and testing.

A little over two weeks ago, Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari said they will increase testing and contact tracing. Two weeks later, our total tests still stand at about 5000.

Two weeks ago, the National Center For Disease Control (NCDC) DG, said their testing capacity is 1,500 per day and they are tracing about 6000 persons. Two weeks later, total tests is still 5000+. Ghana has done 34, 000 test and South Africa is close to getting 100, 000 tests done. It is either someone is lying or the contact tracing is a flop.

Today, the president is still talking of increasing testing and contact tracing.
Sadly, the facts are there for the discerning to see.

As a health professional, I will support all the efforts of the government on this Coronavirus issue, and as a Nigerian, I will also draw attention to what they are not doing well or should have done better.

.I sincerely hope that they will do better with testing and contact tracing within the next two weeks. The government should also start putting measures in place on reopening the economy after the two weeks extension. It is a subject that must be considered now.

Lastly, it will be very difficult to keep Nigerians at home in the next two weeks especially with the happenings in Lagos. People are tired. Many have gone completely broke and have no hope of getting money or food anywhere. It is a recipe for chaos and disturbance of public peace.

Respective state governments should devise more creative and impact driven ways to provide succour for those who truly need it and the security agents should up their game to not only ensure compliance but also prevent unscrupulous persons from taking advantage of the lockdown for nefarious or sinister motives. Security agents should also treat citizens with respect and dignity because mass hunger and despair are gunpowder which can easily erupt to something that will overwhelm the security agencies of the country. Enough said!

Stay Safe. God help us all.

Written by Harry Omoakhia

Harry Omoakhia is a practicing pharmacist.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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