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Defections And Self Interest: Facts Of The Matter and Gains For The Masses


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July 26, 2018

It is baffling how extant realities often suddenly become new findings in the hand of some Nigerians. Since Tuesday when a massive tsunami in the National Assembly caused huge casualties in the APC, some people have been murmuring that defectors from APC to PDP are only pursuing selfish interests and so the people should not get excited.

It only beats the mind how it is a discovery that the men defected for personal interests. For whose interest should a politician decamp? For whose have they always decamped?

It may need to be made known that in the world of man, every individual is motivated by personal interest. It’s only a matter of ethics that we should not let our interest become too inordinate as to cause harm or injury to other people. Self-interest is not an evil, in fact, it is not only a part of human nature but it is the very means by which the human animal preserves itself. And part of self-preservation is placing oneself in a position of advantage beyond others, where one can have control of things and people, so that others cannot easily destroy one, or take away the means of his peaceful and sweet life.

Everyone of us would pursue this place of advantage if we had the means. And even yet few do pursue it though they have not the means. But unfortunately, some are born into the means, others stumble on the means by luck, and the largest population of earth never had the means. And this is politics. That those who have the means, though few, compete to control everything, and those who don’t have the means are the common, powerless masses.

Those who have the means, the rich and statesmen will compete for total power, and they have devised to use the common people for that purpose.
This is the origin of democracy.
The powerful people compete among themselves on the platform of the feelings and sensations of the masses, since the masses think that they deserve something from government. Therefore in pursuing their interests, powerful people, that is the people of means make use of the people of no means. So democracy pretends that the people have power and that the power is their vote, whereas the true power of the people is their feelings and sentiments, and it is the politicians that harness the power for their own interests.

But despite this, the masses have their interests too. They need, among others, security and protection and an economic environment in which they can work, trade and make a decent living.

What should the masses do?
The masses should stop waiting for a day when the politicians will have no personal interest but the people’s interest alone. Such a day will never come. The nature of the humans in this society forbids it. The masses should only play their game too, along with the politicians. If it is a tricky game they need to play, they should play it. If it is armed uprising, they do it. Society is a survival of the fittest. This is a truth that we have used an insincere system of laws and absurd civilization to cover.

Therefore, if you are greatly concerned about the lot of the masses, do not just criticize; organize also.
Don’t just detract, mobilize.
Organize and mobilize a positive movement to engage in the ever ongoing battle of interest, which characterises the life of societies. Certainly the masses can never achieve a lot in a short time. The masses can only record very miniature progress in changing society in their favour only over a long period of consistent action. But certainly, the powerful class will always exist, grow and move fast forward than the understanding of the masses. Means is what explains this. It consists of money, guns, oaths, allegiance and alliance.

The above is our reality. If you don’t like the fact, then find a way of joining the power gang. And if you cannot dare the price of jumping from low life to the life of power, just stay in your normal lane and play the common man’s game with the politicians to get your own common man due from your society.

When politicians are fighting for their selfish interests, the masses should look for their gains in the fight. For where ever there is a fight between two, there is a gain for someone outside. This is what matters.

And in this fight of personal interest that has torn apart the APC, the gains are enormous for the masses, even if some fail to see the gains. The ineffectual, ill-intentioned figurehead president of Nigeria is losing bit by bit his support base, and will need more acts of desperation such as rigging and human rights crimes to win the 2019 election.

Why shall we not rejoice! A president and an entire government that has compromised the essence of government and made anarchy attractive is a crime to history and humanity. A government that is ethnically minded, condones killings of citizens by a certain set of citizens, and that accomplished so much in wrecking the financial life of its citizens in less than two years is an anathema to good life. It is a government that continually tells lies, intimidates opposition, violates the principles and rule of law, maligns the citizens, home and abroad.
Any citizen that is not getting an illegitimate or unconventional favour from such a government would acknowledge the gains of the confusion in the camp of the cannibals known as APC. This is in the interest of the masses, an opportunity that ought to be maximized even if after all it does not turn Nigeria to a paradise.

To the extents that the destiny of man is in his hand, he fights the way for his interest. But to the extents that he has no control over the matter, he simply plays along and catches the fun.

Written by Deji Adesoye

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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