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Despite The Workers Day Celebration Being Marred By Fuel Difficulties, Leading Banks Celebrate The Economic Propellers

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May 2, 2024









International Workers’ Day was celebrated worldwide on May 1st, but petrol shortages and very high costs of transportation marred it in Nigeria’s cities as movement was greatly hampered in the 2024 celebrations.


Nigeria’s leading Tier-1 bank had organized it’s ZENITH SME LEARNING SERIES April 2024 titled Leveraging Technology for Productivity and Profitability as an SME.



The Speaker was Mr. Segun Abodunrin,
CEO, Findar Agency United Kingdom as a sign of contribution to knowledge towards economic prosperity for the people.

So when May 1, 2024 rolled in, it said:

Today, we celebrate the Hard Work, Commitment and Dedication of everyone contributing positively to nation building.

Nigeria’s easily recognizable international bank, Access Bank Plc, doffed its hat and saluted:

We salute your dedication and Hardwork!
Today we recognize your outstanding contributions to our success and applaud your relentless pursuit of excellence, which has propelled us to great heights.

Happy Worker’s Day!
From all of us at Access Bank.

Recognition of the hard work and resiliency of Workers did not end there as fast growing Fidelity Bank PLC gave a word:

Though We May Not Be At Work
We still keep our word.
Take a moment today to salute the tenacity and resourcefulness of workers as the most important pillar of our economic prosperity.

Happy Worker’s Day.

We Are Fidelity, We Keep Our Word.

Happy i

Many other banks chimed in with cheery messages, but most customers who throng banking halls know the burden of staff who vote with their feet and emigrate to other nations, powering other economies because of the lack of infrastructure in Nigeria.

The burden is huge on the institutions in Nigeria who train new staff every week because of the ‘Japa’ syndrome. Workers leaving Nigeria to other nations.

Nigerians still keep hope alive.

Happy Worker’s Day, Nigeria.

Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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