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Father’s Day Celebration. How Banks Move To Make Families Stay Back In Homeland With Ease

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June 19, 2023





While several messages with poetic flourish were being released to fathers in Nigeria to wish them Happy Father’s Day, testimonies were equally being shared in Churches about happy fathers who had finally secured the visa to take their families out of Nigeria.








I believe I can fly !




Some for good !

So if all Nigerians leave the country, who then would stay in the motherland ?






But Nigerian banks look at the issue of the citizens doing what in the slang of the people call, “japa” (departure). Or the Exodus. Or Checking Out. Access Bank, Zenith Bank and Fidelity Bank, amongst other banks package training skills in place to give the people skills to make those departing acquire more marketable skills from IT to export skills as enhanced empowerment.

Some of the banks now have branches abroad to make the Nigerian diaspora bank with ease. Fidelity Bank for instance, is setting foot in the UK where they are organizing Trade Expos and seminars.

Most significantly, banks seem to be looking deeply inwards to find out why most youths are voting with their feet.

Fidelity Bank Plc for instance knew that one of the reasons is the acute lack of electricity needed to power the economy.

But there’s a huge infrastructure deficit. Everyone knows.

They thus lay out a scheme to enable the people to acquire solar powered Electricity on good and affordable terms.


So it seems that the banks are pleading, please don’t go. But if you must go, take these internationally marketable skills.

And if you are staying, let’s see how we can make staying together in our homeland more comfortable.

By Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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