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From Mere Social Media Chatting To Making Money Online: Twitter Becomes A Fintech Payment Company

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July 7, 2023







When the South African born most essential modern tech innovator moved to buy social media microblogging site, Twitter, those who understood him as a man with ‘the long view’, waited with bated breath for the next news to come, and the news is here.

Read Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe’s take on the breaking news:

Elon Musk is his generation’s finest innovator: ”Twitter’s quest to become a payment company has taken its first major step with license acquisition. The company announced Wednesday that it has been granted money transmitter licenses by three US states namely: Missouri, Michigan, and New Hampshire.”

Today, Twitter as a fintech is born. As Meta (yes Facebook) is coming with Thread to challenge Twitter, the microblogging platform, Elon Musk has moved on, understanding that the natural stable state of all digital platforms is fintechnolization: “a construct that every digital platform must have a maturity state of offering a fintech solution.“

Imagine if I can promote Tekedia Mini-MBA on Twitter, and you do not need to click to visit our site, but can pay right there? I cannot wait for that feature to come to LinkedIn also. Simply, why do I need a PayPal or Stripe on our website? It is about removing friction for transactions to take place. It is about reducing the inertia for sales to happen.

Good People, Twitter is back because Twitter 2.0 as a fintech is starting with 300 million users.



So there.

Knowing how Elon Musk takes his things, this is going to go far, for a man who has built Spacecrafts to take people to Space and back for a fraction of the fee American owned Space program crafts would have cost, this is breathtakingly beautiful.

It’s going to be easier now, with payment solutions for those who want to earn social income.

Isn’t it beautiful? Fintech Payment solutions would become more exciting and traditional banks are going to innovate to play catch-up. But trust them. They will.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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