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GEJ’s Choice To Contest The 2015 Poll Rather Than Cede The Ticket To Atiku Led Northern PDP To Rebel Against The Party

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October 9, 2022






Goodluck Jonathan (left), Atiku Abubakar.

By Charles Ogbu

In understanding why Goodluck Ebele Jonathan lost the 2015 presidential poll a political analyst must consider certain facts on ground to begin with.

Goodluck Jonathan did not lose the 2015 poll because his team didn’t stay on the message neither did the APC win because they stayed on their ‘message’.


The PDP lost the 2015 poll because, angry that Jonathan, a southerner chose to contest his constitutionally entitled re-election for a final four year term that would have expired in 2019, instead of ceding the ticket to the North.

Atiku Abubakar seemed to need the ticket immediately, so the current PDP presidential candidate, Atiku led Northern PDP heavy-weights including sitting governors out of the Party and into the APC.

The rest like Adamu Muazu, the then PDP chairman seemingly stayed on to wreck the PDP from within.

That self implosion of the PDP spear-headed by Atiku and his fellow Northerners is the reason we have Buhari in Aso Rock today.

The 2015 poll was a clique of Northern region’s establishment political power merchants’ conspiracy to return power to the ‘North’, at all costs and by all means for selfish purposes. Not necessarily for the benefit of the ordinary people of the region.

This is calling a spade by its name.

And to be clear, QUESTIONING THE HEALTH STATUS OF A MAN SEEKING THE JOB OF PRESIDING OVER THE DESTINY OF OVER 200 MILLION NIGERIANS IS A REAL ISSUE. Physical and mental fitness is actually a constitutional requirement for the office of the president.

Going by the social media post made by Chief Olisa Metuh is a curious thing.

It appears that he is more worried at what he calls insults by supporters of Mr. Peter Obi, than he is at the real verifiable PHYSICAL VIOLENCE being visited on members of the OBI-DIENT MOVEMENT.

In Lagos, Obi supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate were beaten and almost set ablaze simply for being found with the Labour Party flag.

Just yesterday, one of the coordinators of the OBI-DIENT MOVEMENT in Nasarawa state was attacked. As I type, he is battling with his life.

In Enugu state, Labour Party meetings and rallies have been repeatedly attacked by armed men whom everyone knows were politically sponsored.

Former president Jonathan receives smiling northern politicians. Watch Jonathan’s unsmiling face while with visiting former Senate President, Bukola Saraki (right) who was one of the politicians in the PDP that stabbed Jonathan in the back, leading to his humiliating loss. Yet he exhibited grace and class in defeat . Former minister of sports, Alhaji Abdullahi is with him on the left.

Right here on social media, we’ve watched as Reno Omokri continues to incite northerners against not just Obi but Obi’s entire ethnic group even to the point of transcribing a hate post falsely accusing Obi of disrespecting Islam into hausa language.

Reno knew that such a post could cause religious crises in which mostly Igbos will be targeted in the North but he did it anyway. And Chief Olisa Metuh knows so well that Atiku Abubakar personally commissioned Reno for that evil agenda.

We’ve seen the APC camp title a whole newspaper article as “OBI-TUARY”.

For goodness sake, it was the OBI-DIENT MOVEMENT that had to go to court before they could exercise their inalienable right to march in Lagos in support of their candidate.

And which Reno and Femi Fani-Kayode assured you that they would keep the campaign clean?? Visit their social media pages and tell the world if those two have ever proven to be anything other than integrity-challenged anywhere-‘belle-face’ political alleluia boys.

The fact you believe them bothers on naivety on your part and I say this with no disrespect to you, dear chief.

Chief, a betting man would hedge his bet that the post you made on Facebook was to deliberately help to peddle the wrong narrative about seeming Obi supporters.

As an establishment politician, you have no right to tell young Nigerians how to fight for their future. No one is deceived.

By Charles Ogbu.

A public affairs analyst.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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