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Has PDP Suspended It’s Campaign? May Be Not, But It’s The Right Thing To Do In Assuaging The Anger In Delta Over Flooding

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October 13, 2022




People of Irri town in Isoko South LGA woke up on the morning of 11-10-2022 to find their hometown and farms in the flood.

Just imaging the fury of the people of Delta state. While the people are submerged in flood with many more living on tree tops in hunger, thirst and poor health. The governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is on a political jamboree, instead of seeking solutions to these problems.




People are angry that while Atiku Abubakar was Vice President under Olusegun Obasanjo, they spent $16 billion to generate electricity and instead gave Nigeria deeper darkness than ever before.

And the money?
Gone with the wind.

Yet he wants a chance to be president that ordinarily should go to the south. Is that not an insult to the people of the entire country who believe in fairness?



Araya town in Isoko South LGA has been flooded since September 2022.

You can’t even enter the riverine parts of Delta state right now. Unless you are an expert swimmer. People are stranded on tree tops. The governor, Dr. Okowa is yet to be found doing something about the situation.

Agreed that in over seven years of his being the governor of the oil rich state and yet the state is facing these severe challenges with no solutions in sight, he can send relief materials to the people living in flooded areas. These are yet to be seen happening.

We’ve seen patriotic deltans who have provided camps, provided foods, medicines and cash to the people. And they are quick to inform the people that they were not sent by the government. I saw one of them in the Igbide, Emede etc axis of Isoko South. He donated one million naira to help his people. Yet the government that earns billions of naira has done nothing. This is not right.

Every year, Delta state gets flooded. All that Okowa has done in seven years is to sit it out and wait for the flood to play out and subside.

There has never been a strategy to work out a grand strategy and defeat the flood, let it even be that they tried and failed. Even if tackling it would best rest squarely on the Federal government. Let Delta state do something on it’s own. And then do the right thing.

Can’t they try building dams in all the villages to absorb excess water ?
If that fails, let’s know that the government at least tried but that the plan failed.
Then they change strategy.
But Okowa just does absolutely nothing. Or is it that he is doing something that is invincible for us to see ?

Has he tried to build at least one dam, then used the water to generate electricity?

A State can do it, if the Federal Government fails to do it promptly.

Such a move would have been positive. Or can the governor arrange with other governors to convince Niger Republic to accept the water ? Actually that Sahel and Sahara desert state can need the water for farming.

Perhaps Nigerian state governors can lay pipes to the north, then into Niger Republic to channel the water there ? Those people have excess land without water. Let them put the land to use if we can give them free water that we don’t need, then buy excess farm produce from them.

After all, what would be our benefit from the Katsina-Maradi (Niger Republic) International Railway line ?

For a start, Ifeanyi Okowa can build a new block of storey building classrooms in every school in all the villages. Let there also be an elevated helipad in each school, primary and secondary. The buildings should be extra classrooms out of the flood season, then flood refuge accommodation every October while schools remain closed.

This is no rocket science! Deacon Ken Kawhariebie Pela and Prof. Julie Nwabogo Umukoro should look into that once they are sworn-in on May 29, 2023 as they seem set to win, going by the sentiments in Delta state towns and villages that we can empirically observe.

Besides, the infighting between the James Ibori faction versus the Ifeanyi Okowa faction over who should be the continuous godfather of the PDP in Delta state continues to rage fiercely. There would likely be no peace between the factions till after the election.

No Deltan wants to hear anything about the APC led Buhari and Tinubu who said oil pipelines and their illegal tributaries that have been draining the Nigerian economy, making us a debt ridden nation was discovered in Forcados, Delta state only after 9 years !


See how they bleed the national economy through the tapping of it’s underground wealth at source. Little wonder we are owing deep.
Nigeria must end this criminality.

They’ve not agreed to name the bleeding perpetrators nor prosecute them yet. The Nigerian budget would need borrowed money of about ₦8.8 trillion for it to get slightly close to being balanced.

The budget is about ₦20.5 trillion.

Generations of Nigerians yet unborn would have bigger debts to pay because their grandparents kept quiet while the country was being robbed blind by thieving politicians and their fat cat accomplices.

Here’s what Reno Omokri said in a tweet, that “Buhari just proposed a ₦20.5 trillion budget. ₦8.8 trillion will be borrowed. It will bring Nigeria’s debt to ₦50 trillion”.

He further said that “in 2023, we need a debt payer, not a debt taker!”. It is only Peter Obi and the Labour Party who can save the nation.

Read what Godwin Obaseki had to say about Nigeria’s fraudulent budget:

“One of the major crises that we have in Nigeria today, apart from the very weak bureaucracy, is our budgeting process. Our budgeting, I am sorry to use a very harsh word, is almost fraudulent. Why do I say so?

“As an entity, whether federal, state, or local government, you know how much you can earn. Assuming you can only earn N100 in a year with all the evidence right before you, of course, you know it’s going to be N100.

“By the time you are preparing the budget and you are giving certain agencies envelopes to put this and that in the budget, you will end up putting up a budget of N200, and you are only going to receive N100. That is where the fraud begins”.

Written by Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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