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Holding A Relationship Together: Some Amazing Insights

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December 15, 2022



By Greg Abolo

While browsing on the internet, I came across this iconic photo that is already here.

Just imagine the calmness, the peace and the seeming satisfaction of a lady in the bathtub. Just imagine the serene atmosphere of the chair and the man sitting on it reading a book to her.

My mind went to a write up by Donny Wesnk in Singapore and he said he and his “ex were amazing together. She laughed at everything I did, she appreciated every effort made for her and we’d talk for hours about the most random things. It was a serious relationship between two adults who wanted marriage but we were also having so much fun.

What I learned from this relationship was that to level up, the major things that make up who you are have to align”.

He went on to add that “the two major things that did not align were our ambitions and financial goals and despite having more things in common, these two things were eventual deal breakers”.

“While mutual interests, hobbies, and a common definition of fun are things that help pass time together, they aren’t all that important if you can’t survive major differences”.

He ended his write up thus, “Despite it all I learned that love alone is not enough. There are no perfect partners, there are only choices, commitment and sacrifice”.

I therefore ask, where are the sacrifices when couples decide to split up especially when they’ve had kids who also have rights to have happy homes to run back to ?

To have grandchildren who would want to have grandparents that venerate them together ?

I’ve seen ignorance and selfishness in relationships, a lady looking for reasons to ditch her husband because the man had had a debilitating illness that can range from prostate cancer to just about any other illness.

There also have been men who quickly take on younger lovers because the wife fell ill, maybe breast cancer ?

Where is the place for sacrifice to the end in relationships ? It just has to be reinvented to make love go round and life worth living in harmony, peace and commitment.

With Donny Wesnk

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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