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How Nigeria’s Fame As The ‘Go To’ Nation Fell By The Wayside, As Others March On It’s Head – Ikime


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September 8, 2019







As the furore over the treatment meted out to us in South Africa, we the citizens of this potentially great nation Nigeria begins to abate, we really have to consider what it is we want as a people. I keep reiterating this.




Many years ago, as a kid, I believe it was in the early and mid seventies, my dad used to frequent Ghana a lot as an external examiner at the Legon University.


I remember him packing two suitcases on those trips.



One day I had to ask him why. He told me that his contemporaries in Ghana, could not afford the bare essentials, so in his own little way, he tried to ameliorate their condition.



Folks you know what my dad was packing?

Bathing soap, toilet paper, deodorants, body cream, hair cream and such things that our house helps in those days could afford from their salaries. The economy in Ghana was so bad that Professors could not afford these things for themselves. That’s how bad Ghana was!



But guess what? They pulled themselves up by their boot straps and fixed their country!


Another thing?

The quality of our education was so high that people like my dad, History Professor Obaro Ikime were sought out all over Africa to act as external examiners in the highest level universities in Africa. Sabbatical was a tough call. To go to Europe, America or to go to places like Rhodesia, which had no quality black scholars. Today, they have all turned the corner!



I remember the Staff Club at the University of Ibadan, where I was born and grew up. There was a heavy African presence! UI was the place to come for “tuition” so to speak! These dons, came to learn at this great citadel of learning. What they learnt, they took back home and applied to their situations and circumstances!



They learnt here and went home to train others! They have all helped to transform their societies!



We have retrogressed. We wallow in our retrogression. We live on past glories and revel in paper achievements!


Folks, if you want, call me non patriotic. But we are not that relevant any longer! We are no longer the ‘go to country’ on the continent! We have been surpassed by nations which once looked up to us for leadership! We were on a major pedestal once. But we let ourselves down! We tumbled and we have stayed down!



Brethren we need to get back to where we once were.


Yes, but in order not to be reviled by the likes of South Africa, who we once supported and aided, we must get our country to work again.


Successive, gluttonous leadership has brought us here. But folks, they are of us! We have allowed it to be! We need to fight for the kind of country we want! Our votes are doctored, we sit back and moan.

Infrastructure is lacking we question no one! Nothing works in this country and we just keep taking it!



Are we not tired of the drudgery? Will we continue to sit back and swallow all this shit that is shovelled at us?


The dregs hold sway! We who should know better than kowtow to them for a few crumbs! When will we take this country back?



I have said this before and I repeat it. By the time the next elections come, I will be 58! You guys are my contemporaries. Some will be older some will be slightly younger. But we are all seriously middle aged people!


Guess what?


In our lifetime, we have NEVER had good leadership! We heard of it, we did not experience it. Now we have kids who don’t know what true values are. They are driven to make money by any means possible, except through diligence and hard work!


So we have Yahoo boys, Runs Girls, Badoo!


Guys Think!!


We cannot go on like this. Let’s begin to strategize. We are of the age when we should be game changers.

Are we?

Oh sure we have little gasps of refreshment here and there. But as a collective, we have not exerted ourselves! We need to grow up and grow balls!


Do you see other Africans flocking here the way we besiege their countries? There is a reason why it ain’t happening! Nothing is happening here!




Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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