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How Poetic Justice Is Playing Out In The Game Of PDP Politics

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September 29, 2022





Serious faced Wike (left) with Peter Obi.


Wike thought he could buy up the South East’s turn. He depended on the Rivers State money and the manipulation of PDP structure and his “friend” Tambuwal to frustrate the South East, believing that all is fair in love and war, but like a typical Fulani, Tambuwal understood that Fulani interest is stronger than personal friendship and Individual ambition.



With Sokoto State governor, Aminu Tambuwal’s calculations that it’s only the north with its large population alone having the ability to win elections failing, smiling his way into Peter Obi’s camaraderie gets new meaning(left) . File photo.

He chose to deliver for Atiku when it mattered most.


Wike like Julius Caesar, was wide eyed and could only mutter,
Et tu Tambuwal?!

A big lesson for the traditional South East politician who loves the outsider more than his own and has zero sense of community interest.

Today, Atiku is watching the presidency slip out of his hands through a revolution led by his former running mate and a rebellion led by Governor Nyesom Wike.

Did I hear you say _Deja Vu?

Wike, having muscled out the South East with his deep war chest, was betrayed by Tambuwal who chose to side with his Fulani brother, Atiku. Now Wike feels bitter and betrayed, forgetting that that’s exactly how the South East felt when he teamed up with Atiku to frustrate zoning the presidency to the South East in accordance with the PDP convention.

Now, Wike is getting a dose of his own medicine and it doesn’t taste good in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Peter Obi has become a runaway sensation powered by the ordinary people from all corners of Nigeria.

Obi-dients in Abuja.


Tinubu and Atiku are finding it incredible that in a race they are running on the platforms of “major” Parties, that it’s the candidate of a “minor” party without a single Governor or Senator, that is the wave of the moment, leading across the country with massive love, never before seen in this country.

Suddenly, Atiku and Tinubu’s deep war chests appear immaterial.
Now their structure appears useless, thanks to the unflinching support of the ordinary masses for Obi and the introduction of electronic voting, which enthroned greater transparency in our elections.


Obi-dients in Ilorin.

The race for 2023 is a race like no other. It’s an opportunity for Nigeria to make a step change and begin the rebirth and the rebuild process.

If we fail, the earliest we will get such opportunity again will be 2031 and by then with the current haemorrhage, there will probably be no Nigeria. We would truly and fully become Nigerianistan- a completely failed State beyond redemption.

Therefore, 2023 is too important to be left to the traditional politicians to toy with.

This is not the time to stand hands akimbo, it’s not the time to pontificate nor time to be indifferent.
This is the time to get involved in which ever way you can.

Remember, when the righteous rule, the people rejoice! Elections are not won by good intentions or by good people who don’t vote. The course of history has always been changed by brave men and women who stood up to say, enough is enough!

It took a Moses to lead the Hebrews out of slavery from the hands of a powerful Pharoah.

It took a David to lead a band of wandering ex slaves to establish a country with defined boundary.

It took a Jesus to bring salvation and hope for mankind.

It takes YOU to change the course of Nigeria’s story. Will you rise up and be counted like Caleb and Joshua or will you choose to see only Giants rather than the land flowing with milk and honey? Decision time is now. Tomorrow, certainly is late.

Don’t think you can sleep on Delilah’s thigh and wake up on Abraham’s bossom. The choice we make today defines our tomorrow.

Choose to salvage Nigeria with Peter Obi and your children and grandchildren will thank you for it. Today is the appointed time, behold, today is the day of decision…

Remember, the evil that a man does, not only lives with him but also with his children and his children’s children. Will your great grandchildren bless your memory or will they curse you and change their names, to avoid being associated with you? It’s in your hands right now!

On October 1, let’s truly become independent, come out and be heard. Join the march for progress and national rebirth. Join the movement to rescue and rebuild Nigeria to a Nigeria where your green passport commands respect anywhere in the world.

To a Nigeria that doesn’t need a visa to enter the UK. To a Nigeria where your educational certificates can get you jobs in first world countries. To a Nigeria where university students ate quarter chicken and enjoyed scholarships and paid school fees of siblings in secondary Schools, and a 4 year Course is completed in 4 years, not 7 years, to a Nigeria where the Saudi royal family were coming to UCH Ibadan for their healthcare needs, to a Nigeria where the economy of the Eastern region was the fastest growing economy in the world.

To a Nigeria where the Naira had more value than the US dollar, to a Nigeria where the Naira was freely accepted for purchases in the UK, to a Nigeria that produced what it consumed and Indians, Asians, Africans, Europeans and Americans came to for a better life.

That Nigeria is POssible with PO. Definitely, Peter Obi is better than his competitors by miles!

Play your part and God will perfect the rest. Rise up and join the Rescue train now! Time waits for no one.

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Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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