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‘I Stand Better Chances Of Winning Gagdi, At PKK 2019’ — Timothy Golu


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October 17, 2018

By Moses Gbande, Jos
Hon. Timothy Golu

The political stage of the House of Representatives seat for Pankshin, Kanam and Kanke (PKK) Federal Constituency has been set, and the incumbent on the seat, Hon. Timothy Golu said he would emerge victorious.

According to him, “The prayers and blessings of the people are the voice of God and I believe in them. “

Speaking with Journalists at his
residence Tuesday in Jos, Hon.Timothy Golu, who is currently the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP
for PKK in the coming general elections said, “I am also very happy that the respected father of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for Pankshin, Kanam and Kanke (PKK)
Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon. Yusuf Gagdi is among the people that have blessed me and has prayed for me to return to the Green Chambers, and continue representing the people of the

“I was highly humbled when he said he believed in me! I believe in the respected father’s prayer and I am sure I will defeat Yusuf at the polls, come 2019.”

According to Hon. Golu, he would have been having sleepless nights, if it were someone else that the APC had nominated for the contest because, “Rt. Hon. Gagdi is simply a walk over.”

“I am not worried about my opponent in the APC at all! As far as I’m concerned, if it were a different person, I would have been having sleepless, but with this kind of person the APC has brought, you know it is a walk over, as far as I am concerned, because you have to look at it from different points of view.
“The personalities of the two people involved. I am not blowing my trumpet, but I am saying it the way it is that, he is not my match, as far as democracy is concerned. Even with the democratic credentials that I hold, I have played politics at the level he is playing now at the House of Assembly, as a principal officer and I have performed creditably well. I did my best!
“He is involved in politics, he was not just a principal officer, he was a presiding officer, and he has failed to give meaning to the office that he holds. He has failed to give meaning to representation.

“If you go to his constituency now and ask, you would find out that Gagdi cannot freely move into his state Constituency. He cannot freely go to his own village. Even in the last Local Government elections, PDP defeated him in his own ward and polling unit.
“Report has it that even his father voted for the opposition political party.
“I am telling you that his father is going to vote for me, he has endorsed me for a second term. It’s not about holding office, it’s not about talking, it’s not about an opportunity to be in an official car to move, it’s not about being driven in a car with siren. It’s about being sensitive, being reasonable, being responsive, and being Godly to the calling.

“Why did you join politics?
To serve!
What kind of service are you providing?
He is the worst representative to represent the people of Kantana Constituency in the state House of Assembly.
“The Constituency of Kantana is smaller than Kanke that I represented.
Go to Kantana and you will see only the federal projects that I have
attracted. The man has not done anything, yet, he wants to go higher, instead of him to seek to go back to the same House of Assembly so that he can learn. If somebody has not been able to give account of himself, at this level, is it at the higher level that he will give account of himself?

“The people are not carried away by such things. Our people have gone beyond that. Our people have gone beyond tribalism, religion, ethnicity and all that. The people want to see something on ground. The dog said if there is a reception; let me see it on the ground”.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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