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If Obike Is Worth $48.7billon, Why Did He Need Investors To Kickstart His Airline When He Can directly Fund It Alone ? Answers

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May 26, 2021

Ifeanyi Obike, inaugural CEO, Obike Airways.

By Greg Abolo

With a brand new airliner revving to take off on the tarmac, my eyes quickly caught sight of a post by a distinguished friend of mine, Marshal Sampson and I saw his poser.

But first: His Post on Facebook.

“Ifeanyi Obike whose current worth I can’t tell now, is projected to be worth $48.7 billion by 2030. He just launched Obike Air, a global flight company of high repute. Obike Air’s peers are British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

So how did he emerge from nowhere without us knowing him ?

I never heard of Obike food which he owns as a global brand. If he is worth that much, why did he need investors to kickstart this airline when he can fund it alone?

I discussed about him yesterday with a friend who was skeptical about most of these suddenly emerging billionaires whose history he doesn’t know.

He said this: “I used to have a landlord whose wealth one can’t say much about beyond ‘I used to drive a taxi and later God blessed me with fleets of cars and buses’.

All versions of his stories never tell much about what happened in between the taxi driving and the fleet of cars and buses. If Hushpuppi had been smart enough not to display an extravagant lifestyle that exposed him, you would never have heard about him until he emerges as a global brand controller someday.”

Well, I agree with him but I am not saying that Ifeanyi Obike is all that he suspects about him. I am saying that it would be helpful if we know his history so that we can know how to make the gossips positive and better.

Congratulations Billionaire Ifeanyi Obike. Let me go and find my own way this morning”.

In answer, let me say this. The post says that he is projected to be worth $48.7 billion by 2030. This is the year 2021. He therefore is being given a clear nine years to work things out and be worth $48.7billion…or even more !
Therefore he doesn’t own that much yet. He aims to. And when his money arrives, you won’t need to sniff him like the friend that has been sniffing his landlord to know how his tree of money grew from his taxi driving days.

The paper trails in the bank would explain his financial trajectory.

The post says that the investor just launched Obike Air. What better time than this is there a greater need for more airlines ?

According to social media commentator and public affairs analyst, George Onmonya Daniel, “In the north, bandits and Fulani herdsmen” hold sway and “in the past three years it is difficult go travel from Abuja to Kaduna, Abuja to Kogi State without being kidnapped”.

Yet, a lot of Niger Deltans and Easterners residing in Abuja and other parts of the north still have the desire to travel to their homeland in the south from time to time.

The good news is that the Delta state government had the foresight to construct an International airport at Asaba years ago.

They therefore need more airlines to shuttle several hundreds of feet above the bandits and kidnappers tormenting the country. The airline would greatly reduce the risk of traveling by road over long distances which has the risk of contact with kidnappers.

To answer the question of being rich, yet needing investors funds directly, in civilized economies, you are not expected to fund your projects all alone. That is what the banks are there for. It opens your projects to a wider participation that draws in varied competencies, because you can’t know it all.

This was one reason Mr. Adenuga had some rough times abroad when he flew in with his aircraft to buy equipment for Globacom by writing cheques left right and centre at his commencement years back.

Regulatory authorities must haul such a person in for questioning for he or she must explain satisfactorily how he acquired all that money.

You use your personal money differently like in purchasing assets. Investment money should come from banks.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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