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If The Military Junta In Niger Refuses To Capitulate, Would Nigeria Overrun The Regime? The Facts On Ground

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July 30, 2023









Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS), at their extra ordinary summit on Niger Republic, Sunday July 30, 2023.


What would the outcome and consequences be if ECOWAS moves in troops to remove the military junta in Niger Republic and forces from the military governments of Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso move in to support the Niger Military Junta ? A poser by Senator Shehu Sani.


Meanwhile, an ultimatum from ECOWAS (CEDEAO) group has come.
According to ARISE NEWS, @ARISEtv

ECOWAS: ‘We Must Take Action To Protect The Life of President Bazoum’

” The danger to us right now is the fact that President Bazoum is held hostage by his own army. It is an assault on everyone of us”. – President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria and current ECOWAS Chairman.




Senator Shehu Sani also says that “there are an estimated 303,000 Nigerian refugees being hosted in Niger republic.  These are people who were chased out by Boko Haram, Iswap and bandits from Northern Nigeria.

While sanctions are being imposed on Niger republic, the Nigerian government must be well prepared to receive back these refugees, in case the Niger Military Junta decides to expel them.


Lucas Anifuro says: According to UN estimates, about 2.2 million IDPs (531,000 women, 423,000 men, 677,000 girls, and 569,000 boys), were displaced in the North East as of December 2021, and 890,0001 are in IDP camps.

An estimated 99% of the displacement is attributed to ongoing conflict, with over 74% of displaced people in Borno State. The corrupt government of APC has no capacity to deal with the above statistics talk of dealing with Nigerian refugees in Niger Republic…It is very sad that the country has failed everyone.

The Wagner mercenaries group that is present in the Central African Republic, Mali, Guinea etc seems to be waiting in the wings, especially now that Russia is becoming wary of the group. The Russian president wants them out. They are currently based in Belarus, after their failed or aborted attempt to storm the presidency in their home country.

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