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If Tinubu Is Altruistic In Growing Talents, Why Can’t He Help His Younger Acolytes To Vie For The Presidency?

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January 20, 2022



Chief Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

By Ayo Turton


There’s this sickening and tiresome argument that keeps being bandied about, so I ask: What human capital has Tinubu developed ?

Let’s break this down. At best, Tinubu’s relationship with his aforesaid core guys has been symbiotic in the best scenario for himself.

Was it Tinubu that made Osinbajo the Professor he is, or Tinubu needed his brain to run his government?

When he got jammed up with Obasanjo, it was Osinbajo that came up with a legal solution for him and they won serially in courts.

Let it be known, Tinubu was against Osibanjo becoming the VP. He reluctantly agreed when he had no choice.

Was it Tinubu that made Fashola a Senior Advocate of Nigeria?

He only tapped into Fashola’s brain to make his government look good. The benefit was mutual. The moment Fashola’s profile started rising above his own as Governor, he tried to stop him from getting a second term. What they play now is a cat and mouse game. The relationship has never been the same.

Ambode was the Chief Accountant of Lagos State that came up with the plan to raise the State IGR that they are enjoying today. Now they are no longer friends. He threw him under the bus.

Fayemi was one of those eggheads that fought, using NADECO as a platform during the Abacha infamous days. Tinubu only occasionally supplied funding.

The moment the Northerners suggested his name as a running mate to whoever emerges as President from the North, at the early stage of forming APC, Tinubu went against him. The relationship has gone sour since then.

Mamora is a suave, urbane gentleman and a Medical Doctor to boot. He was simply one of the best Senators of his time. The moment his profile started rising in Abuja, with the potential to overshadow the landlord of Lagos, the ticket was taken from him by Tinubu and given to his wife, Oluremi Tinubu.

Aregbesola was the most loyal to Tinubu of all those followers; now, the relationship has gone sour.

Therefore rather than being their destiny helper, he uses these people as tools.

The moment their profiles start to rise, he would attempt to stop them. He thinks he is the one to determine how far destiny can carry them.

This is a guy who destroyed all the powers that made him from AD days.

I am sick and tired of the platitudes.

Buhari that completely shut Tinubu out of his governance for 7 years is unlikely to hand over to him.

What about supporting a younger Osinbajo or Fashola for the position if he is altruistic in growing talents?

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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