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Iheanyi Ikpeazu, A Classical Example Of Humility That Is Needed In Many Families Of Power

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September 24, 2022




L-R: Sir Don Ubani, Iheanyi Ikpeazu and his friend.

By Sir Don Ubani; KSC, JP
Okwubunka of Asa Gburugburu and Oke Amadi Nd’Asa.

Political Power in Africa; especially in Nigeria, has had many negative consequences on societal development.

Unlike in America and Western Europe where political power has been synonymous with social and economic development, the reverse, unfortunately, is the case in Africa, moreso, Nigeria.

In civilized and polished democracies, governance is driven both by the rule of law and moral conscience. Of course, in such climes, public opinion conspicuously stands out as a critically indispensable factor.

In Western democracies, an elected governor is strictly unconditionally and constitutionally held accountable for any action or deed he does while in office. Because he is the one that made himself available for election to occupy a public position, whatever that happens in government should and shall be accounted for by him.

That governments in Western democracies excel in almost all departments of Administration is no rocket science. There is a huge application of discipline and resultant sanity.

In Africa, the antithesis is quite unfortunately, the case. In most cases, a State that elects a governor invariably ends up electing three fiercely voracious governors.

Abia State for instance, had, once or twice, elected a governor that metamorphosed into three acidicly competitive governors.

Many may not have forgotten when Abia State was in the past, governed by a de jure Governor the State elected while her son and wife were excruciatingly the de facto governors.

In a State with a relatively low generative economy, presided over by three Governors at a time, how would one expect development or progress?

This is why it remains critically essential to examine those that have ties of consanguinity with any aspirant to a public office before he could be entrusted with power.

Children, relations or friends of a governor could make or mar developments of a State under any given governor. If for example, a governor has incurably insatiably gluttonous children or relations who become heavily parasitic on Government, such a State automatically becomes doomed. This is because they would live a very expensive lifestyle that the State would groan and choke under.

They would fly in business class, no matter where they want to go. Of course, they would only patronize 5 Star Hotels and nothing less. How would such a State grow?

An engagement had taken me to Abuja this week but I had to return on Wednesday 21st September, 2022.

I had hurriedly left my hotel room early in the morning because of the fear that Nigerian Students, under the aegis of the National Association of Nigerian Students, who have inexplicably and most unfortunately been neglected and abandoned by President Buhari’s APC Government for seven months running, would block the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Road that morning. Because of that I could not contemplate the ‘luxury’, if not risk, of waiting to order for breakfast in my hotel. I therefore, dashed off to the Airport.

But man must eat! At the airport, after the necessary protocols, I found my way to a restaurant, which I hoped would be for ordinary passengers like me.

Not long after my modest breakfast and while going through unread mails on my mobile phone, I heard a voice that called, ‘Dee’!

I looked up. It was the younger brother of Abia State Governor, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Ph.D. His name is Iheanyi Ikpeazu, a Barrister at Law.

I exchanged customary greetings with him. By the way, ‘Dee’ in my own part of Igbo land is a name respectfully used in addressing an elderly person. Quite courteously, Iheanyi asked me if I would like to eat but I told him that I had already eaten. I then left for the Departure Hall.

In my mind, I was wondering why Iheanyi did not go into the Executive Lounge for his breakfast. I am sure he could very conveniently afford the cost. I, however, did not draw any conclusion on that thought.

By the time I boarded the Air-Peace flight that was to fly me to Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri and was already comfortably seated on my seat no 6E, with my Lord Bishop Madubuike of Ikeduru Anglican Diocese piously seated on my left, Iheanyi gently walked pass by the row of our seat, making way to his own row of seats.

Again, I ruminated on why Iheanyi, a Lawyer whose elder brother, in fact the only biological brother of the governor of my State, avoided the ostentation of eating in an Executive Lounge and why the idea of flying in a First Class department did not at all attract his fancy.

As I was busy cogitating over the questions, my mind reminded me that Iheanyi and his elder brother, the Governor are children of a Teacher and a registered Nurse. They must have been groomed in the most practical lessons and manners of humility.

I therefore urge all those whose fathers or brothers are seeking elective political office(s), to take a cue from Iheanyi Ikpeazu.

Captivated by Iheanyi’s intrinsic humility, when we arrived at Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri, I politely requested that he grants me permission to have a photograph with him.

Iheanyi is in the middle of the photo below, with a friend of his by his left while I am by his right hand side.

The message here is that humility pays and could reduce cost of governance in our society.

Sir Don Ubani is a former Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Abia State and writes from Asa.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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