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Is A Third Term Presidential Bid Feasible For Baba Beyond A Constitutional Two – Term Limit ?

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November 25, 2019

President Muhammadu Buhari at the Ibadan Campaign rally, early 2019.

I knew it was coming at some point and I wrote about its coming. I would have been put to shame if it did not happen. Now it has happened and not surprising, it is coming from the same flank as did Arthur Nzeribe’s Association for Better Nigeria who’s infamous activities led to the annulment of June 12 election in 1993 that the late international businessman, Bashorun Moshood Abiola was on course to win.

Power intoxicates, make no mistake about it. Late General Sani Abacha enjoyed so much power that he wanted to transmute to another Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda of Malawi but time intervened to stop him otherwise only God, would have known where this unfortunate nation would have been by today.

Next came General Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s former Head of State who some elites conspired and foisted on the nation as president during the PDP years. Whilst the 1999 Constitution provided explicitly for a maximum two term limit, General Obasanjo had a different idea. He desired to manipulate the Constitution to achieve a third term tenure, but met a formidable obstacle in the then Vice President, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku.

Power truly intoxicates, therefore little wonder then that some deranged individual from Arthur Nzeribe’s end of town has flown another third term kite. Some people are saying that the man who I am told is a legislator in his own right may well be a mole in the hands of a largely northern political cabal to achieve their own selfish agenda.

The question here is why do these evil characters find it most convenient to use an Ndigbo person for such dirty jobs ? Here we all are, I suppose so making a case for an Ndigbo president come 2023 but an Ndigbo individual is hired to preach this toxic sermon. President Buhari may have come clean to say in plain language that he is not interested in a third term bid, but, but can a man who tasted power be trusted to be true to his words ?

Did Baba himself not go into reverse gear when he made it clear after contesting for the presidency three times that he was no longer going to contest? Did he not declare that during his presidency that there was not going to be the Office of First Lady? Did he not also declare that he was not going to embark on any foreign medical trips? Did he not equally campaign on reducing the pump price if petrol down to N 45? Has he delivered on these and many others?

I am folding my short hands and waiting for I know that even if Baba is dreaming of a third term, that time will abort such a dream. In any case, we are praying that he completes this final term. Without a second thought, the very suggestion of a third term for Baba is an absurdity to the extreme. This evil and depraved idea is being sponsored by the cabal in charge of proceedings in Aso Rock because they will be rendered irrelevant or impotent after Baba’s tenure, ends. Who out there is saying that power is not a MISTRESS?

Power intoxicates.
To God Be The Glory.

Col. Dauda Gora (rtd)

He writes from Kaduna, North West Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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