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It’s Daybreak, My Girl At 20. Time For You To Set Out On Your Solid Climb

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February 11, 2022




By Ajalah Naret Omusa

What I am about to tell you is what I wish someone had told me when I was in my twenties.

Many years ago, while I was in the university and in my early twenties,
a friend of mine told me that she wanted to go and register at the Rayfield Golf course. Her intention was to learn to play golf.


Golf is considered as the sport of highly influential and connected people.

Not that she likes the game of golf,
but she wants to begin to network with the people who can pull the strings that matter.

Today she works at the United Nations.

This is the power of being strategic and intentional about the things you do with your time.
Consider your twenties as the dawn of your life.

Day is breaking for you.

And there is one resource you have that I assure you, even the richest women in the world in their fifties and sixties do not have.

That priceless thing.

Whatever you want to waste, waste,
But do not waste time
It is a terrible thing to waste..

Spend your early twenties learning a skill.
Getting an education.
Making the right connections.
Growing your influence.
Learning the ropes of making money.
Learning what it takes to stand on your own.


Learning how to defend yourself and gaining the life skills for that purpose.
That’s what the blessed twenties are for.


Consider your life as a mold of wet concrete that was given to you to do as you wish with it. But by the time you get to your late twenties and early thirties, that mold of concrete would have solidified.
So make the best use of your twenties.

Notice that I didn’t say anything about boyfriends.
Boyfriends can wait.
Quality boyfriends can wait.

You are doing something more important.
You are building your capacity to be a competent and able stakeholder in a marriage.
A quality boyfriend will recognize that and appreciate it.
Thank you.

By your early thirties,
Your concrete would have solidified.
Habits would have formed.
Connections would have been made.

Those who are going to perpetually remain in the urgent ‘2k gang’ have already taken their spaces in that territory.

Those who will dine with kings, make decisions in boardrooms and command territories have already taken their seats.

Make the best use of your twenties
The lady who will still be chased by men even when she clocks fifty has already emerged.

The one who will be the subject of caustic jokes by Allah kaduna nzeogwu and his band of “alpha males” has already emerged.

The choice is really yours.

They told us when we were children that as you make your bed, so will you lie on it.
That statement still holds true till today.
Good morning.

Ajalah Naret Amusa is an Attorney and life coach in North Central Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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