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Japan Launches It’s Tsunami – Proof Pods, As Guest Floating Hotel (Images)

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March 7, 2018

The floating capsules.
Very cosy inside.
Pictureque view through the glass windows

There is something you have to give it up to the Japanese. They invent and refine technology.
The Japanese know that their land is home to many natural disasters, from earthquakes to Tsunamis, landslides tornadoes, flooding etc. Just name it.

Yet it is Nippon, their land, their pride. They take study seriously and try to overcome their adversities with sound technology.

When Tsunamis come that claim thousands of lives in Asia, the Japanese also lose. But this time, they’ve invented and launched their Tsunami proof floating pods, made of the best materials including fibre glass, such that with any advancing tsunami, just hop into the pod and it’s your Noah’s ark!

Tourists are reassured now that the pods are floating hotels with a picturesque view and a cosy well stocked kitchen or home ,until the Tsunami blows away, and it’s life again!

It’s a new floating spherical hotel project which claims to offer its guests unique protection against tsunamis. The Japanese enterprise is designed to protect its inhabitants from a sudden tidal influx – by simply rising above it and it is indeed one possible solution to the country’s risk of earthquakes and tsunamis.

The novel capsule hotel was launched at the Dutch-themed park, Huis Ten Bosch, in Nagasaki on Monday. Shioji Tahara, the hotel’s concept designer, said the hotel was designed “for the better safety of the general public so that we can have better protection against the tsunami [and] against any kind of hazards.”

The spherical capsule pod hotel has a glass ceiling, so guests can stargaze at night. The pods are designed to accommodate two or three people, Japan Times reports and comes complete with beds, showers and toilets. “It’s really comfortable there inside and if they can keep food, bring in some food by themselves, I think they can easily stay for one week or two weeks,” Tahara said.

“Because of the high buoyancy, it can go up, and the main part of the big wave is passing by beneath the boat,” Tahara explained. The pods are made from fibre-reinforced plastics.

Huis Ten Bosch has been working on the floating hotel idea since 2016. It will start trials of the pods this month, and hopes to open for business by the summer. The company plans to have a ship tow the hotel between the theme park and a nearby island.

Japan experienced a magnitude nine earthquake in 2011, which caused a massive tsunami that devastated the country and triggered the Fukushima nuclear disaster, with over 15,890 losing their lives.

The Japanese would scoff at a country like Nigeria that has little or no such natural disasters, but in the face of any natural challenge, would pounce on each other with a morbid propensity to murder those who are different from them.

Like the Nigerian Fulani herdsmen who, owing to climate change in the traditional north that they conquered two hundred years ago, would rather march their cattle southward, to massacre inhabitants of the Middle belt and the south because of grazing fields for their 30 million cows that would then eliminate farmers crops and cause humanitarian crises.

The technologically sound Japanese would rather find a solution to re-grass the sahel, semi – arid to desert, make water available and graze their cattle in their traditional places.

Inability to solve problems requiring commonsense make Nigeria a global laughing stock.


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Japan Times


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