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Kaduna Stakeholder David Ayuba To KADSIECOM Chairperson: ‘Don’t Soil Your Name With Vote Rigging’


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May 14, 2018

KADSIECOM Chairperson, Dr. (Mrs) Saratu Audu Dikko and the e-voting machine.


Dear ma,

In the month of April 2018, I posted an article online on how Governor El Rufai plans to rig the May 12, 2018 Kaduna State LGA elections.
I want to applaud you for not approving the First Electronic Voting Machines Governor El Rufai would have used to undermine that election despite the bribe he attempted to bribe some of your staff to compromise the machines even at the Production stage. We would have seen this rigging at the point of election but for your intervention.

I personally took part in the elections and we had eyes everywhere as observers. And we have all proofs that the People’s Democratic Party, PDP won the elections. Madam I believe it is not news to you that most of the Returning Officers (ROs) in the LGAs El Rufai had no chance of winning, disappeared only for us to start hearing results announced through Radio stations and on the Internet, whereas the ROs are yet to be found.
El Rufai knows he can not alter any result because the result statement comes out like a receipt when you cash money on an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). These machines are to transmit results real time, but 2 days after the elections, we are still expecting results.

It is evident that something is wrong. If you deposit money in the bank and 2 days after, there’s no ‘alert’ indicating lodgement, then something is wrong. The machines work in like manner as those in the banking system.

El Rufai knows he can not manipulate the results, therefore he used another strategy using armed men to intimidate people in case of any resistance. Let the Returning Officers disappear and his own result written in Hotel rooms as disclosed by Distinguished Senator Shehu Sani said would happen. He Shehu Sani, just like a prophet, predicted what we are seeing now.

The last time I saw Christians and Muslims unite like this in Nigeria with one purpose to remove a wicked leader was when Christians and Muslims united in Kaduna to vote in His Excellency former Governor Ahmed Makarfi in 1999 who later became the best governor Kaduna State has ever had.

A rumour has gone out that the maximum ruler of Kaduna has fired you but not officially. If truly he has sacked you from office,  please come out of your shelf and say it.
If you are still the Chair of KADSIECOM please come out and stop being intimidated. Do not fear any man but God. You are a Christian and God did not give any Christian the spirit of fear but of boldness and a sound mind. The world is watching you, not only Kaduna citizens.

Madam I have never met you in person but I know much about you . You also know me even though we have never met in person. My last posting on KADSIECOM which I mentioned above, I was reliably informed that it got to your table and you were worried after reading it. I also believe this my missive to you which I believe will go viral within some few hours will also get to you. The same people that gave you the copy of my first write up are reading me right now and I believe they will download this one and give it to you also.

Madam leave a legacy in Nigeria as the first woman who organised Local Government elections and an incumbent governor lost. Let posterity remember you. A good name is better than riches. I instructed in my write up that no agent should destroy the electronically printed receipts which they all have copies of, in case of litigation.

Madam you will save us the long process of litigation. And if you don’t and you allow these criminals do whatever they like, believe me, your name would be soiled and people will look at you one day and say look at the woman who connived with El Rufai to steal the people’s mandate. And you would have no value in the eyes of men.

Madam I leave you with peace but remember Jesus left examples for us to follow. 1 Peter 2:21


Written by Pst.David Ayuba Azzaman

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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