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Kagara Students Regain Freedom From Their Abductors, As Watchers Rue Northern Nigeria’s Love For Child Pawnship

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February 27, 2021

Northern Nigeria loves excess children because much of the culture sees them as commodities to be traded as pawns.

The way to make money is to use children. The more children, the better. Couples strive to have excess children they know that they cannot feed, and will not feed. Neither will they educate. And this is generally a Nigerian problem. It is all about their economy, attitude and culture.

In southern Nigeria of old, men married many wives to produce many children because the more hands they had on the farms, the richer they became due to a collective output. This culture is fast fading out as technology is increasingly being introduced into agriculture, and education meant parents had to pay more school fees because it is an anathema to have out of school children.

Unlike northern Nigeria where men still marry many wives to produce many children, believing that their responsibility ends with procreation. Feeding and training the children has largely been dribbled to the streets, no matter how cold and unfriendly the environment is.

There is the general problem that largely catches up with the society. The poorly bred children become adults and due to their neglected childhood, turn out to become outlaws, or call them bandits who have neither self love nor love for society. These are the ones that draw attention to their plight by wreaking unimaginable havoc on society while demanding several millions in compensation.

These ones therefore lure leaders like Sheik Gumi to talk society into pampering them with more money with which they buy more Rapid Propelled Grenades (RPG) with, to torment society more. There’s no end to their bestialities.

Therefore from Chibok kidnap of schoolgirls to Dapchi, Kagara and Jangebe, their circuses of mockery on society and the lbaffled confusion continues.

Now we hear that the students abducted from Government Science College, Kagara, Niger state, have been freed by their abductors.

About 27 of the students and 12 other persons were kidnapped from the school when gunmen struck about a week ago.

A source at the Niger state government house has confirmed this development to the media on Saturday.

”The Kagara schoolboys have been released. They are on their way to town now,” the source said, according to a report in The Cable.

”All the boys and the family members were released.”

The release of the Kagara students comes a day after 317 schoolgirls were abducted from Government Girls Secondary School, Jangebe in Zamfara state.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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