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Lalong Left A Humongous Debt Burden Of N11 billion In Unpaid Emoluments For Mutfwang To Settle

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June 14, 2023




Gov. Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau State.


During the Democracy Day celebration event in Jos, Plateau State’s new governor, Caleb Mutfwang revealed to the public, the state’s financial situation during his address to the people.

He said that “the previous administration, headed by Simon Lalong, left behind an enormous debt burden of N11 billion in unpaid salaries for workers”.

That is actually the burden of leadership commonly found in most states in Nigeria.
Most times, little minded men with an abject lack of capacity, get into power. Some of them loot the state finances dry. Worse still, they lack the imagination to grow an economy.

Ordinarily, a state like Plateau is supposed to be an economic powerhouse in Nigeria based on it’s enormous agricultural potentials and it’s vast fertile land. But their leadership most time, wallows in mediocrity.

Countries such as The Netherlands, Israel and states like California in the United States of America thrive on agriculture, hauling billions of dollars every season to make themselves multi billionaires in revenue. But a state like Plateau would wallow in debt, while farm produce like Irish potatoes grown by peasant farmers rot on farms.

Thus while Simon Bako Lalong was handing over huge debts to his successor, Anambra State government once received surpluses from a departing governor.

It’s a burden.






Governor Mutfwang continues:

“I addressed the citizens and expressed my concern over the state’s deviation from the right path in previous years.

“I emphasized the need to steer the state back on track and acknowledged the immense work that lies ahead. The workers’ salaries for February 2023, totaling N2.9 billion, were severely neglected by the past administration, with only N900 million being paid.

“To rectify this dire circumstance, we are actively seeking funds to settle these outstanding salaries before the end of the month.

“To clarify any misconceptions, the workers who are currently on strike have not been pressured to return to their duties.

“Instead, I am diligently working to secure the necessary resources to pay them their rightful entitlements, after which they can resume their work.

“Regarding the workers recruited into the civil service under the previous administration, they have not been terminated. Rather, their employment has been temporarily suspended to allow for a thorough investigation.

The purpose of this investigation is to address irregularities discovered in their recruitment, such as backdating employment letters. I emphasized the importance of upholding proper rules and regulations, ensuring fairness and transparency in the civil service”.

Nigerians everywhere should screen records properly, while ensuring that people with capacity and commitment are for leadership.

By Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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