‘Leave Adeosun Alone’—Sweet Spittle from a Generation of Genetic Degenerate


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July 8, 2018

Kemi Adeosun is alleged to have dodged the NYSC draft, by forging an exemption certificate.

In less than 24 hours of the news of alleged certificate forgery published about Nigeria’s posh finance minister, degenerates have found a way of excuse for the high profile infringement.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is instructive to take caution in reacting to very sensitive news media reports, so as to prevent a need for the ridiculous courage of tendering an apology ‘letter’ at a later date. And besides, a first story does not often afford us the requisite understanding by which we can make an informed evaluation of a situation.

However, football has taught us never to lose guard of our defense area for a second, as enemies of good conscience are always on the business of encroaching on the lines of justice and value. We know that while we wait to allow this issue to mature, so to say, social media urchins are already pilfering some ‘good’ arguments in favour of forgery; not to mention the grand, executive explanations to carpet this alleged offence that may be in the offing inside the Aso-rock mafia.

They say we should leave the matter because many people have forged documents and that the finance minister is fixing the economy. Some, in their political rationality, even said the matter of killings by genocidal herdsmen is more important than forgery. For them, the report of forgery is a deliberate distraction!

Of what kind of heart and education is a generation that believes that a crime should not even be investigated because many people have perpetrated similar crimes? What makes them qualify to even answer when a roll call of beasts is being made— these people who think that the way to respond to the degeneracy of their society is to validate another degenerate act perpetrated by officials trusted with the life and death of their country? What kind of assembly of living cells are these entities?

This generation is a genetic degeneracy. I find it hard to dismiss the suspicion that the Nigerian population is what it is by nature. I find it harder to repress my often-coming arcane musings that genetic engineering to reorder the moral and rational properties of the Nigerian gene, if there is anything like that, is the only solution to our nasty selves. Reports by Premium Times have it that the Finance minister’s effort to achieve and sustain her present position despite her alleged forgery crime has seen her criminally paying a whooping N10 billion to the National Assembly, which, according to the reports, the National Assembly also criminally obtained. These issues should be left alone, these urchins say.

By fraudulently lending a greater weight to a supposed efficiency of the official than her criminal record, these natives of an uncharted jungle want to flippantly waive off the grave allegation. We find it hard to understand how to trust the figures this official churns out from her office. Again, we find it hard to overlook the alleged illegal allocation of tax payers’ money the naija lady has made to authorities as cover up.
Importantly, what percentage are her collaborators in forgery taking— the company that produced a fake official document on her behalf, now that the then ordinary UK babe is now the Finance Minister of a corrupt country?
Besides, what economic breakthrough is traceable to that office since 2015, as the people continue to gnash their teeth at the extreme end of poverty?

Justice, most thinkers in history have remarked, is based on good laws and obedience to them. It is therefore decapitating that the degenerate generation want us to overlook a high level criminal allegation of forgery against a person holding the nation’s treasury— and yet they still think we should march into the future! One would think that this case is a typical opportunity to set an example of discipline for Nigerians, to help the degenerate ones away from their path of rot.
Suppose we clamp down on this misdeed. Suppose it turns out to be true. Can we not teach people to avoid a criminal present if only for the sake of not putting their future career in jeopardy? Can we not just set examples?

But we can’t and we shouldn’t, the children of perdition say. Nigerians can survive by fraud. And they are right. Fraud has a very great survival value (something like natural selection of traits in species). Every day in Nigeria, someone survives by fraud somewhere. Traders, students, professionals, pastors, motorists, etc., survive by fraud. In a debased society lived by a degenerate specie, scam is the only veritable means of survival. Abstain from fraud and you are on your own! If madam Finance Minister had opted for NYSC immediately she arrived in Nigeria, she may have missed her first job opportunity, and might have missed the steps that led her eventually to a Federal Government position.
How would she survive in that situation, against the law?
Fraud helps us to survive, individually as Nigerians. It only does not allow our society to prosper. That is why it has trumped honesty and the due process in our society, and destroyed the chances of development.

Are we still in loss why children of perdition do not see forgery as a grave crime against the foundation of society and that it produces grave injustices, injustices that have the potential of breaching peace leading to violent clashes among people? Many people have lost ‘great’ opportunities at the lowest levels of things, because of this same NYSC certificate requirement of the law, but someone could attain the highest echelon in her country by not only jumping the requirement, but by forging the document. She thereby misled the government and people she claims to serve, just for her personal ambition. Some people have lived their lives enduring the hard hand of Nigeria; they even participated in the struggle for the democracy we have, yet they work for all requirements of law, without which they have been denied of certain benefits. But someone could just gallivant in from London and head a ministry of government with a fake certificate. Yet some people who would not agree they are lizards think that such should not be investigated! It can be hard for children of perdition with their mushroom ‘wokeness’,— as they are now described—to understand.

We must never forget to mention the fraudulent foundation of the law that Mrs. Kemi Adeosun is alleged to have breached. The law is one of the fraudulent means of sustaining the Lugard fraud of 1914. It is meant to fraudulently keep together a country that lacks every internal property for living under the same government. It is the fraud to make the south engaged to the north against the will and reason of the south, just to suck the large breast milk of the south. It is in the face of that law that our patriots have rejected the demand of the south for a restructuring of Nigeria. The generation of genetic degenerates says ‘hoa, let the fraud continue, shebi it is our fraud.’

The witchcraft is a gripping difficult curse. Methinks as long as we have not disbanded Nigeria, her laws are binding and are meant to be obeyed. “There is nothing which should be more jealously maintained than the spirit of obedience to law”, says Aristotle. The main objective of law is justice. But in a country where the common and poor people are punished for any breach of law but people who hold the principal keys in the estate of authority are perpetrators of perjury, forgery and criminal alteration of facts—some of the terrible injuries to society and the state, then where is justice? And where the common people defend such executive crimes, where is a future?

It is doubtful there is any reason to think Nigeria will get better. But it is also doubtful to think that humankind will one day cease to exist in the space presently identified as Nigeria. It is natural, therefore, that we try making ourselves better than what we are now. That is why in the face of all odds, we speak, write and work as if there is a way out of our troubles.

Yet I believe we will make it one day, certainly. We will make it eventually either by shaking the fraudulent foundation of our social existence or by dying under the rubbles of its collapsing house. Whichever, we would have overcome our history of scam and sham. But if we don’t, if we die on in the caricature of living, as the minions of space that we presently and proudly are, you will remember our little warnings, that we did not only charge you what to reason about our history and future, but also taught you how to reason about these as we trudged along the craggy path of thought in an irrational world.

Written by Deji Adesoye.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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