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NEPA/PHCN: Grossly Inefficient Entity, Producing Little And Consuming So Much While Nigerians Groan In Darkness

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July 5, 2022




Learning new ways on increasing Power generation and distribution. Here’s Peter Obi in Egypt.


By Greg Abolo


In discussing the theme of energy generation and distribution in a true federalism, US based Kunle Sowunmi, a regular visitor to New York City where the electricity generation and distribution was above 4000MW ten years ago, a ceiling that the entire country of Nigeria is struggling to attain after six decades of Independence says:

“Since the year 2000 we have not been able to generate more than 5600MW despite billions of dollars spent.

Today we are even less than 3000MW, Dr. Nwogbo ascribed the failure to government regulations on energy Generation of 18MW plus to the National grid or so.

Some placed the fault on Otedola in partnership with Obasanjo and Atiku who is assumed to be a dealer for Generators from China. There’s no confirmation of this, thus making it speculative. Such street talks may even be outright lies.



What is actually the problem that a country with a population of 220million would rather live in darkness than light, a country that is blessed with natural sunlight”.

Before Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi undertook a trip to understudy the Egyptian energy miracle, President Muhammadu Buhari’s government knew about, and even issued a hopeful roadmap for power, based on the Siemens/Egyptian government synergy, as the video here would show:



But the roadmap was meant to be for a deceptive time buying. Therefore when Nigerian author and internationally recognized personality, Chimamanda Adichie had an opportunity to interview former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she patriotically raised the issue of the Siemens/ Nigeria deal. Merkel opened up a little bit about it.

Somehow, it did seem like the Nigerian Government failed to put it’s money where it’s mouth was! Nigerians had been deceived and darkness continued. Still continues until we get a rescue.

Watch the Video here:


(Courtesy of Vanguard News via Chimamanda Adichie).

But see the mumbo jumbo of the funny Nigerian plan at NEPA/PHCN which has given birth to:
2. Jebba GT
3. Shiroro GT
4. Kainji GT
5. Egbin GT
6. Ughelli GT
14. IKE
15. EEDC
20. NBET
21. NERC

In 2009, NEPA/PHCN generated 3800MW.
Today,after all the noise about privatisation, the generation is 2400MW.

In 2009 NEPA/ PHCN had only One MD/CEO, managing the sector.

Today and Post Privatization, there are over 25 MD/CEO helping themselves from the revenue accruing from a paltry generation of 2400MW that can’t serve a town in progressive countries, desirous of economic growth.

Yet they cry daily about illiquidity!

Where will they have the money to service this inefficiency? 25 MD/CEOs and over 100 executive directors etc depending on revenue from a 2400MW output.

This is just to point out one reason Discos are very uncooperative..they are mostly ex phcn staff and continually feel they fared better”, according to Ben Amaechi, a public affairs analyst.

What’s the way out?

If the Nigeria/Siemens Deal would not work, let the sector be completely opened to public participation. Those who are capable of generating power in towns, States and regions should do so, while the government helps with transmission infrastructure while payment for energy supplied becomes too priority.

There also must be power diversification. Even house tops can have solar panels, sending their excess Production to the grid in a workable fashion, thus making it a win-win situation. Banks can be encouraged to give out energy loans to house owners willing to install solar systems and distribute received Power to the grid.

With Kunle Sowunmi
Benjamin Amaechi

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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