Nigerians Celebrate The Unbanning Of Twitter In Muted Tones. But The Verdict May Come Later

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January 13, 2022



Buhari, Twitter

From wedding matters to politics, business and media, Nigerians have taken to their ‘welcome back’ on Twitter with gusto, zest and relish.

Their posts betray high but barely suppressed emotions, but a keen observer would notice deep resentment, that just a coterie of government officials would orchestrate the ban on behalf of the President they believe was slighted by a company run by youths in the US.

That seeming ego massage trip suspended the businesses of hundreds of thousands of Nigerians, perhaps millions of them who use the app for their businesses and they ran into losses in millions of dollars because of the ban.

Some Nigerians at home are holding back their comments on the unbanning of Twitter until much later. Unlike those in the diaspora who are hitting the regime hard:

Farooq Kperogi is unsparing:



The last time AIT tweeted was June 4, 2021. That is until today’s unbanning of Twitter.

Obviously, they obeyed orders till the end, but your guess is good enough on what they really think.


Here’s Maybeks, in her status:



And unplugged:




Seun is back!

Even MTN that obeyed orders to unplug Twitter from Nigerians has equally announced it’s comeback.


Good thing that the regime unbanned Twitter. That they have done so now, and hurriedly, shows that they have seen the wisdom in the pieces of advice that they got, but ignored.

The reality of the truth has come home to roost with the jockeying by politicians to get on the campaign trail towards a change at the presidency on May 29, 2023.

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