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Northern Campaigners Using Region, Religion And Tribe To Campaign Makes It Fall Flat On It’s Face (watch video/Tweet)

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January 8, 2023










There’s currently a video in circulation from Kano through an address by the state Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje to Muslim clerics that every Islamic teacher/preacher in the north, notwithstanding their sect, should sell the Muslim/Muslim ticket in the belief that the rule of any Muslim is better than the best of an infidel (Christian). So a non-Muslim is not an acceptable alternative anywhere.



This in a nutshell is the message delivered in Hausa.


Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State said that “history will not repeat itself and there will be no annulment this time around (referring to the Muslim/ Muslim ticket of Abiola and Kingibe in the 1990s)


Dr Abdulmudalib Muhammad the Convener of the meeting then stated the purpose of the meeting :


“The participants are Muslims and Islamic clerics. We gathered Muslims from all persuasions to enlighten them on ensuring that the Muslim/ Muslim ticket succeeds. 


We invited over 75 Islamic groups from several states including Yoruba and Igbo Muslims.


We told the Islamic clerics /participants that the issue is not about building infrastructure for the nation but the major issue is who will promote Islam.


We told the participants that a Muslim wherever he is, is better than a kafiri (unbeliever) or non-Muslim, and if you bring 2 Muslims together (referring to the Muslim/ Muslim ticket of Tinubu and Shettima), they will give you the victory that one Muslim will not be able to give.



This is the reason why we are enlightening people to understand that the main objective is that MUSLIM /MUSLIM TICKET IS A JIHAD TO US .”


Sheikh Abdallah Saleh Pakistan, leader of Izala in Kano State :


“We traced the history of how the candidate (referring to Tinubu) has always desired for as well as worked for a Muslim Muslim ticket. He ensured Muslim Muslim ticket between Ribadu and a Yoruba Muslim. He also heavily supported the Abiola /Kingibe Muslim Muslim ticket… “



Meanwhile, under the leadership of a Muslim who was preferred over a Christian candidate, Nigeria has sunk deeper into debt, a situation that the nation was once in before Chief Olusegun Obasanjo ( a Christian) became the president in 1999 and he made Nigeria debt free in less than eight years of his reign.


Performance of past and present Nigerian leaders



One other thing that the campaigners refuse to disclose is that even in the largely far north with a large number of Muslims, individually, these Nigerians come from different tribes. Killings have been ongoing with intent of one tribe trying to displace the other and possibly drive them into extinction. Whereas living together is the basis for mutually assured prosperity.

Further analysis would find that even when leadership comes to the north, only one tribe grabs it constantly to the exclusion of others who get no benefits whatsoever, except the pains.

Kano state is a largely Hausa state. But their leaders would always be Fulani. There’s no Emir who is Hausa.

The current governor is Fulani. His predecessor is also believed to be Fulani. Both the Hausa and the Fulani are believed to be largely Muslims. Yet one tribe is always at the receiving end of exclusion.

This is why many analysts believe that the politics of religion is usually an attempt to hoodwink the other tribes by one tribe to perpetuate themselves in power for privileges.

On the other side, indigenous Christians abound all over the north, locked in internecine battles with only a section of the extremist Muslim population, bent on cleansing them out of their ancestral land.

An analyst opined that what Nigeria needs now is someone who can steer her away from the mountains of debts and myriad of man made problems that would launch her into a brighter future to make the Nigerian masses get relief and prevent the massive voting with the feet to other climes as economic refugees.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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