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‘Obaseki Will Not Drink Panadol For Another Person’s Headache’, He’s Busy Lighting Up Edo


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January 24, 2023






L-R : Chimamanda Adichie, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, Chimamanda’s husband.


A twitterati had wondered why Edo State governor has not been seen to be up and about canvassing support for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidates in his state.





He got a swift answer from another twitterati from Edo State.




Another response followed:


Indeed, development minded citizens in Edo State and outside would be unhappy if the governor takes time out of his onerous duties to start moving from ward to ward in search of electoral relevance at all.

Obaseki is lighting up Edo State with his few years old Ossiomo Power Plant. Delta has more abundant gas and more money, yet darkness remains deep and distressing.



Obaseki is one governor who has received wide acclaim for his developmental strides in governance.

You may wonder. The Niger Delta region has many governors. They are six of them. But it was only Governor Obaseki that Chimamanda Adichie invited to grace the occasion of her chieftaincy award.



The reason is that she has been quietly advocating for returning Nigeria back to the path of growth and development. What has constantly baffled her is the darkness all over Nigeria.


It made worldwide news when she spoke very nicely to the former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel wanting to know why the deal to electrify Nigeria didn’t work despite the agreement with Siemens of Germany.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel with President Buhari in Abuja.

Many Nigerians watched that interview. Now, Siemens AG is a privately owned global company with German roots. What she was doing was to go to the highest level of the German hierarchy to search desperately for answers. Merkel answered as best as she could, and promised to contact her after further research and investigations on the matter.

Provision of electric power shouldn’t necessarily be, what in Nigerian street lingo, be a “Jamb question” to the citizens of this country Nigeria.

If it is the availability of natural gas, the country flares it into the atmosphere freely. They’ve been doing that for more than sixty years.



Yet it’s older politicians could not wrap it around their heads to turn the gas into light for the citizenry. Youths in Ndokwa land, Isoko land and other local governments in Delta have been advocating for gas powered turbines in their areas due to the abundance of gas. They were ignored completely in Delta State.


But Obaseki probably heard their cries in the darkness of the neighboring State.


Even though his state is not as cash endowed as Delta, he did something pleasing in his state. So while the richer Delta remains in depressing darkness, Edo is being lit up.




So why would Chimamanda Adichie not pick Obaseki to join at her day of glory?

That’s not the only thing that Obaseki is doing.





If a state has a governor like this, who’d like to lend him to political adventurism when there’s work to be done ?





This post is not necessarily an Obaseki showcase. That time will come someday.





This post would soon be brought to an end. The time to showcase the governor would come one day.





It’s a good thing the people of Edo State voted wisely and refused to follow a dictatorial godfather pretender to abort the joy of Edo.

When we write about Obaseki at the appropriate time, we will showcase his Edo refinery and other things while a few other Governors in the region were walking on air and making irrelevant noise.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

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