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Of Aisha And The Oligarchy


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December 8, 2018

Aisha Buhari and her husband.

Aisha Buhari is the unsung hero of the passing week. She has protested in a Women’s Forum in Abuja that two men have taken over the government of Nigeria from the over 15 million people that voted Buhari to power, and made progress almost impossible. According to her, what was achieved in three and half years of the APC would have been achieved in one year if not for the domination of government by these two men.

But before we sing her praise, we should be careful, for we don’t know if it is another fake news. The last authoritative update we have of Mrs Buhari is that she does not belong to the APC, that she rather belongs to the kitchen, the living room and the other room. It is hard to tell therefore if the charming and outspoken first lady is in any position to give us such a top, classified government information.

But then, since being stationed in the kitchen is not so much a problem as long as it is in the cabinet, Mrs Buhari, who may not be in the pot but rather in the kitchen cabinet inside Mr. President’s kitchen, may be a reliable insider, except, if those two men who now control the president no more allow him to come near the kitchen, sit in the living room and chill out in the other room.

Whatever, the Nigerian situation does not seem laden with hope. Two years ago, when the first lady first raised alarm, it was few men that hijacked the government. By the end of 2018, it has been hijacked by only two people.
The trajectory is simple. If Buhari survives February 2019, by 2020, Nigeria would be in the palm of only one man who would be more faceless than the ‘two’ of 2018 and the ‘few’ of 2016. This is one globally effective way of deepening democracy, and it is the ‘Next Level’ baba is taking us to.

Curiously, those who allege that Buhari has never been in charge of the government he claims to preside over have been disparaged vehemently by the votaries of this faceless sole-administratorship. While observers continue to identify clannishness (the rule by family and relatives) as one of the foremost damning mishaps of Buhari’s administration, enthusiasts like VP Yemi Osinbajo and co would not stop short of reeling off data showing graphically how Nigeria is in fact being ruled by the Southwest and the Southeast, casting stones at those who call for caution by tagging them, lovers of corruption.

It must be that Aisha Buhari, who has consistently given us the trajectory of Nigeria from democracy and inclusiveness to oligarchy and sole administrator-ship is one of the arch-enemies of the fight against corruption.

It is however more worrisome that Mrs First Lady called on Nigerian men to fight these two men. We don’t know which Nigerian men she was talking about: those who have been enfeebled by hunger, inflicted by Buhari’s lack of direction, or those who are ‘licking the foot’ of the two men for their own share?
The childishness, or mischief, properly put, of Mrs Buhari’s patriotic and inspiring charge is the fact that she would not name the individuals she wanted Nigerian men to fight.

When we don’t know those who hijacked the government, who do we fight?
What way of fighting for inclusiveness is more than voting out the government of ‘the two’ at once? It is the height of ridicule to canvass for inclusiveness and Buhari with the same mouth.

And it seems that these two hijackers are needed in Buhari’s government since they are the ones who held him back from achieving in three years what should have been achieved in one year. If Buhari could achieve the extent of poverty and hunger that now puts Nigeria on the top of world’s Poverty Index, one could only wonder what his target for four years is.

Written by Deji Adesoye.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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