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‘Oluwa Etobi’, Yoruba Gospel Music Propels Isoko Born Sammie Okposo To Top Gospel Charts

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December 25, 2018







Sammie Okposo.

As if on cue, most Pentecostal churches in Nigeria’s regional capital of the Yoruba race, Ibadan, belted the hit Gospel tune, ‘Oluwa Etobi’, meaning ‘God is great’, celebrating the majestic awesomeness of God, from their various choir stands, all through the Christmas week.




Multiple Award winning international artist Sammie Okposo, the ‘Wellu Wellu’ Master did his version of Tope Alabi’s song ‘Oluwa E’tobi’ ,featuring Kike Mudiaga, as television and radio stations show it all the love that they can give in terms of airplay.



The unique feature of the piece of music is that the singing and dancing style imitates the fast paced energetic dancing style with white handkerchiefs flailing in the air of the minority Isoko and Urhobo tribes of Delta State in Nigeria’s oil rich Niger Delta region.



And the reason is not far fetched.
The singer, Isoko born Sammie Okposo, brought the piece of music to the international audience with his inimitable style. Sammie Okposo, who is also a music producer and arranger, that has written several scores for Nigerian home made movies to wide acclaim has introduced his fast paced native Isoko dance steps to a largely Yoruba song, whose people are more used to regal and gentle dances. The uniqueness of the piece of music is creating waves upon waves of excitement amongst the second largest ethnic group in Nigeria, and the considerable airplay from Akure, Ekiti, Oshogbo, Lokoja, Abeokuta, Ilorin, Lagos and Ibadan has received rave reviews, sending it inexorably to the top of the charts.



As a top rated Nigerian singer, Sammie Okposo’s unique singing voice and energetic dance steps has put his CDs in most Nigerian homes even if he were singing only in his minority tribal language of the Isoko people.



Based in Nigeria’s commercial City of Lagos, where he directs Church choirs, Sammie Okposo has done more to draw youths to God and the Church, with many guessing where the enigmatic singer comes from.



He’s at home singing ‘Oghene doh’, which translates as ‘’God, Thank You’’, featuring American gospel music minister Jonathan Nelson. ‘Oghene doh’ is in his primary Isoko language.
But when he sleekly slides into his single, “Ome Mma”, featuring Ntokozo Mbambo in Igbo language of Nigeria’s south east, one would think that he is Igbo.



Singing in the various Nigerian languages has given him a unique opportunity to expand his music ministry and gets adopted as one of every tribe in the largely multi ethnic country of over 180 million people.




Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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