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Oyo Govt’s Bike Sharing Scheme, ‘Awe Bike’, Enters Pilot Scheme

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March 12, 2021

Bicycle charging points in Rwanda. You borrow a bike to ride, and return after use. File photo.

How would disabled visitors fit into the scheme? Analysts ask

Just as it is in Rwanda where riding electric bikes on sharing platforms is the norm, Awa Bikes NG, a startup bike sharing company in partnership with the OYSG is initiating a bike sharing scheme in the state.

The pilot scheme is planned for 60 bikes, meant for exclusive use within the Oyo State Secretariat, with the benefits of health advantages by getting people to exercise, environmental advantages by reducing carbon emissions, infrastructure benefits by reducing the wear and tear of infrastructure and providing mobility around the secretariat.

Cycling in Malawi as a means of transportation.

Indeed only the strong and brave can walk from one end of the government Secretariat to the other.

“There is potential to extend the bike sharing scheme to our tertiary institutions and gated communities in the state with commercial sponsorship if the pilot is successful”, a statement said.

The State government is not buying the bikes as being erroneously/ or mischievously portrayed in some quarters, rather, the startup is running a pilot, whose success is expected to expand the use of Awa bikes across sectors and spread the health, economic and physiological benefits of this initiative.

Oyo State Government only paid an administrative fee for the pilot scheme. The Awa Bike team will be on ground in the secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan to sensitise the use of the bike sharing scheme and how to make use of the app.

The Oyo State Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources presented the concept to the State and it received the support and consensus of stakeholders within the administration.

However, no mention was made about visitors to the Secretariat who have physical challenges and therefore are unable to ride bikes but need to move around the expansive area.

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