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PDP Infighting: Truly Understanding Why Wike Is Hurting. Obi Will Be The Gainer In The Final Analysis

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September 8, 2022




Serious faced Wike (left) with Peter Obi. Would the handshake translate to support?

By Greg Abolo


There are so many layers to the troubles of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria’s political firmament.

From the Delta State capital city of Asaba where Governor Ifeanyi Okowa chaired a meeting of all Southern governors insisting on the constitutional arrangement of the PDP for power to shift to the South, curiously agreed to by even APC governors in the South, the troubles seem only just beginning.


Political analysts daily analyze the brinkmanship diplomacy being undertaken by operatives of the party to patch things up as a way of papering over the cracks of the injustice strongmen are perpetrating in the party. Injustices that are festering.


Little wonder governorship aspirants under the umbrella were seen visiting Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State.
How far they go in placating him, remains to be seen. But the man is hurting and he is angry. Even though he knows that his tenure would one day elapse.

Before then, his silent powers remain vast.




A news report depicts Nyesom Wike as breathing heat out, and vowing to help PDP lose the 2023 presidential election, just as he descended heavily on Senator Iyorchia Ayu for calling him and his friends, ‘Children’. Such a grossly insensitive remark for an elder to have made.

Wike, who is having a running battle with Senator Iyioricha Ayu, National Chairan of the PDP, said this at the commissioning of a road in Omerelu community in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers.

The governor was responding to recent comments by Ayu that those asking him to step down were children.

In an interview with BBC Hausa, Ayu had said, “I have not violated any rules; in fact, I am working to bring reforms to the party. I am truly not bothered by the unnecessary controversy being generated. When we started PDP, these children were not around. They are children who do not know why we formed the party. We will not allow any individual to destabilise our party.”

But in his response, Wike described Ayu as a greedy man who was only after his interest.

He said it was obvious that Ayu wanted the PDP to lose in 2023 and he was willing to assist him achieve that.

“You can imagine what power can do. You can imagine the ingratitude; how people can be ingrates in their lives. I thought as a chairman of a party who wants to win elections, your business is to bring peace to your party; your business is not to divide your party. Your business is not to show arrogance to your party.

“Yes, the children brought you to be chairman of the party. The children brought you from the gutter to make you chairman. Doctor Ayu said we are children. Yes, the children brought you from the gutter to make you chairman. Now we have seen that you don’t want the party to win election, we will help you.

“Ayu, you said you founded this party, but you left the party in 2007. You founded a company, you left the company, people stood and brought out the company to what it is today, you have no moral right to still come and claim that you founded that company, you left with your shares. You want to show integrity, you want to show a party to Nigeria that we want to take over, you must convince Nigerians that we have the integrity. You are the driver that will drive the vehicle to convey us to go our destination. That is the victory we are looking for. If the driver has no integrity and cannot show honesty, how do you convince Nigerians? If you tell Nigerians something and cannot do it, is it when you enter into power that you will do it?”

Labour Party is wise. Watching from the sidelines at the infighting within the party. The party may be the beneficiary in the end.

Additional information: Daily Trust

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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