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Peter Obi’s Promises On Energizing Agricultural Output, His Proven Records And The Inspiration For me

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January 25, 2023










PUMPKIN (Ugwu) Plant, growing unusually





In continuation of his electoral engagements with voters across the country before the February 25 presidential election, he came to Gombe in Gombe state of Nigeria’s North East.









Please listen to this Agricultural commonsense that Senator Ben Murray-Bruce is making.








Pretty little girl welcomes Peter Obi to the Jewel In The Savannah, Gombe



Gombe, north east Nigeria.

If Anambra state with little less land that even faces severe erosion problems despite it’s high population density, can manage to grow and export vegetables to rake in $5million profit per annum, what stops Nigeria’s more endowed states with vast land not to do the same thing?

As a governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi rejected the federal government bailout funds. The States that took it back then, are still finding it difficult to pay back.

In copying what Peter Obi did, I had some unwelcome and unneeded sand that was dumped in front of my accommodation.

Not to argue with anybody. I listened to the tape of what King Charles said when he came to Lagos a few years ago as a Prince.

He said, “if life shows you pepper, make pepper soup”. As a Niger Deltan, I took what he said to heart, especially as it was said in my local pidgin English. After all, pepper soup is our delicacy anyway.

The desert sand that everyone rejected and nobody needed. I grew pumpkin leaves there. It’s called Ugwu leaves.

Since it is freshly available, everybody in the neighborhood wants it.

But please, it’s not going to be free, mind you.

If Peter Obi can grow vegetables and export them to Europe to earn five million dollars for Anambra state, what stopped that other governor in that other state who could not pay worker’s salaries, over borrowed money and made his state bankrupt ?

Anambra is the only state that was exporting vegetables to Europe at that time.

But I had read about the desert state of California in the United States that is the seventh largest economy in the world.
What is their biggest field of industry?

Yet the desert state has little water.

The same can be said of the state of Israel. Small desert nation that is less than half of Edo state. My calculation may not be exact. But it is a leader in Agriculture.

By the way, I also grew more pumpkin leaves in sacks filled with desert sharp sand. I water them when necessary.

Back again to the beautiful Jewel in the Savanna, Gombe is home to millions of cows. Vote “mai gaskiyan aiki” Peter Obi who I believe can inspire the herders to give Nigeria tinned milk that Nigeria can also export to help the country diversify away from crude oil wealth only.

It’s about time.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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