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Peter Obi’s Visit To Watch The Super Eagles Play In Abidjan Generates Stir In The Social Media Circuit

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February 3, 2024







An excited Peter Obi cheers the Super Eagles to victory in Abidjan.

TV personality oseni rufai @ruffydfire had tweeted this in the Nigerian street language which we edited in our office:

“Someone went to the stadium and he became the talk of the town but other dignitaries were there at D stadium in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Why is there no mention of them ?”

And here is the tweet of Nefertiti @ First Ladyship:

@firstladyship :

Peter Obi is teaching Tinubu how to be “presidential”. He’ll force Bola to come out of his hiding place, & act presidential for once. His recent condolence visits to comfort the Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar Family & the people of Plateau state, drove the Agbados mad.

The Ronus’ are crying like spoiled children whose toys were taken away. This class that Peter Obi is exhibiting is beginning to drive them crazy. Our man is literally saying “Bola, I’ll teach you how to be Presidential.”

The last time Nigeria had such a president with great charisma was Olusegun Obasanjo. And if we rewind it all the way back to the 60s, we’ll find the Golden Voice of Africa; Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa.

Peter Obi is ‘Consistency’ personified; nothing he did to get here was fortuitous. With him, nothing ever happens by chance.

He was with the late Stephen Keshi, Mikel Obi & the Super Eagles (when Nigeria lifted the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa, back in 2013). There are no happenstances with the Man Nigerians voted for.

His presence in Abidjan Ivory Coast was not novel, because Consistency is who he is. Perhaps he was contesting for the Office of the President of the Nigeria Football Federation in 2013?

Maybe was gunning for the office of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Haiti, in 2010?

Back then, he led the Relief Effort that raised a whopping $200,000 (N288 million) for the victims of that devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Today was definitely not a good day for the children of Agbado. When they saw Peter Obi in Ivory Coast, Dayo Israel had to quickly wake daddy up. Super Eagles next match, they may have to package Bola straight to Ivory Coast.

Peter Obi sabi this “vawulence” industry well well. SA was back in 2013, so eleven years have passed.

He wasn’t contesting to be president of Nigeria. He is just a lover of the youths. His consistency through the years is so worthy of emulation. No one can fake this amount of sincerity & love for their nation.

Even if he is faking it, can others fake theirs as well? Do you actually know what it will mean to the Super Eagles to have their President right there among Nigerians, supporting the Eagles & raising their morale?

Besides the Rule of Law, giving Hope is one of the ‘intangible assets’ that Peter Obi talked about. Like Buhari, Tinubu has decided he would be an ‘absentee president’ as well.

Peter Obi is the son that every parent would want. Greatness lies not in titles or privileges, but in genuine care and compassion we show towards our fellow human beings.

Congratulations to Nigeria’s Super Eagles.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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