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Police Report On DSS Invasion Of The National Assembly Reveals Inter Agency Rivalry


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August 11, 2018

Sacked DSS Chief (left), Police IG Ibrahim Idris.
No love lost between them.

There’s no gainsaying the fact that there exists inter agency rivalry amongst Nigeria’s security outfits. There seems to be no love between the Nigerian Police and the Directorate of State Security, DSS. Whereas in fact, the DSS was born within the Criminal Investigation Department, CID.

As an independent organization now, the DSS receives more funding than the police. The DSS is better kitted and more favoured than the police force. Once the police gets the opportunity to cut it’s rival to size, the police would waste no time in paying them back for the humiliation they often receive from the Secret agency.

Therefore when the acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo asked the police to investigate the invasion of the National Assembly, it swiftly brought out its interim report within two days, not waiting long enough to properly proofread their written report, spelling words like “a cracked (sic) operatives headed by CP Garba Baba Umar were deployed to take the suspects (Lawal Daura) into custody”. The report further adds that the suspect, Lawal Daura in his confessional statement admitted to having deployed SSS men on a “claimed intelligence that unauthorized persons were planning to smuggle “undisclosed dangerous weapons and incriminating items into the National Assembly complex” and that he did not inform the Acting President nor share the information with the Nigerian Police Force nor other sister security agencies.

The Police Report thoroughly indicted Mr. Lawal Daura and further concluded that he must have been acting the script of some highly placed politicians to achieve selfish political goals.

The words used in describing Lawal Daura showed contempt. Both agencies are often contemptuous of the National Assembly and would often shun their invitations. But this time, the Police IG, Ibrahim Idris had to sympathize with the legislators over the humiliation they received from the DSS boss and his operatives, just as he was full of scorn for the sacked DSS DG. Idris showed that he was on the side of democratic governance, as long as it can make the DSS look bad.


Leaked Police report on the escapades of Lawal Daura and his Secret Service operatives at the National Assembly Complex.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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