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Politicians Need For Mega Millions Explained As Adeniyi Launches 25M Naira Appeal


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July 26, 2018

Rotimi Adeniyi Ojasope, explaining why he is in the race.

Convening the Rotimi Adeniyi “Ojasope 2019 Interactive session and 25 Million Naira Fundraising Programme which held at the Premier Hotel, Ibadan on Sunday, startling revelations were made why politician need so much money for campaigns. Rotimi Adeniyi Ojasope is making a bold bid for Nigeria’s House of Representatives as a PDP candidate.

Isaac Brown, Fresh FM Radio presenter, making a case for huge political expenses but not necessarily justifying them.

Isaac Brown is one of Ibadan city’s most popular radio presenters who works at Fresh FM, the radio station established by a singer with a testimony, Gospel music crooner, Yinka Ayefele.
He met Ojasope on Facebook. While many guests were intimidated by the mention of 25 Million naira, Isaac Brown looked Adeniyi in the eye and said, “Ojasope, you need to struggle for the Party ticket”, and “campaign in the rough and tumble of Nigerian politics”. 25 million naira is small money.

To run a media campaign, Fresh FM charges N15,000 (fifteen thousand naira only) per slot for political campaign jingles and multiplied by 10 slots a day. That gives a total of N150,000 ( one hundred and fifty thousand naira only) a day. The campaign may be for one month or more.
So for a jungle to run for thirty days impact on Fresh FM, Ojasope will need at least 4.5 million naira. That’s for only one radio station.
There are other radio stations in his Ibadan North West/South West constituency that other voter’s listen to as well. And there’s television, newspapers and billboards to erect.

Renting a hall in the picturesque Premier Hotel that would be conducive for guests does not come cheap.
Before venturing into politics, Rotimi Adeniyi worked in the Insurance sector.
Joy Onibonoje traveled all the way from Lagos to lend support to a former colleague in Insurance when they were both young school leavers.

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Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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