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President Buhari Sympathizes With Trump And Americans Over Hurricane Florence Devastation, Ignores Nigeria’s Flash Floods (Photos)

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September 18, 2018

Nigeria has a national emergency agency, NEMA. But when disaster strikes, trapped citizens in desperate conditions know better than to rely on government agencies for relief and sucour. There has been flooding across several states in Nigeria, from Agbarho in Delta state to Kogi, Jigawa, Bayelsa, Oyo, Anambra, Rivers, Katsina, just name it. You hardly hear of evacuations, rehabilitations or the presence of government officials. Neither do you hear or watch any direct expression of sympathy from the country’s president.

Yet when it occurs in faraway America where facilities run and even ex-servicemen are recalled from reserve to join in Rescue and Evacuation efforts as it is currently happening with the Hurricane Florence all over the United States of America, President Muhammadu Buhari’s sympathy messages would flood the White House, as expressed in the series of Tweets from Garba Shehu, a presidential spokesman in Abuja.

Hurricane Florence and american servicemen prime themselves for rescue efforts.
Hurricane Florence satellite image

When a dam collapsed in Kenya, people wept at the huge losses.

And the Kenyan military was on hand to offer humanitarian services.

There were serious flash floods in Kenya, with heart rending tears pouring out, while buildings were swept away. The East African nation of Kenya has a relatively modest economy, actually smaller than the Lagos state economy and capitalization, one of Nigeria’s 36 states, yet it would mobilize troops to save its own citizens and rebuild infrastructure. Not in Nigeria would you find such.

Meanwhile a climate summit is being held in the US with California State alone pledging to launch a satellite into orbit as a step to finding solutions from carbon monitoring to the global warning affecting the entire world.

Climate summit.

Which way Nigeria?

Flood in Paris.

Climate change is leading to rising water levels globally. From Sri Lanka to France and many other parts of the globe, planet earth is in serious trouble and emission of greenhouse gases coupled with the opening up of the Ozone layer, the world is truly in danger, requiring a collective effort to stem the tide.


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