President Buhari’s Best To Beleaguered Nigeria Ain’t Good Enough


‘’With Jihadists Hiding Behind The Quest for fertile grazing lands for the Fulani herders to unleash a toxic mix of death and destruction on hapless and defenceless peoples of the region, President Buhari’s best sucks’’


The Oasis Reporters

June 30, 2018

Mbuhari’s tweets and today’s Plateau reality.
This best is not good enough, President Buhari.

Many of our country men and women are already disappointed with the quality of leadership especially at the highest level in this nation. To expect anything better is to delude oneself given the obvious desultory manner or approach to the very serious business of leadership in this beleaguered nation. This nation has been hemorrhaging from the illegal weapons which foreign terrorists brought into our nation for far too long.

It may have been alright to blame the Goodluck Jonathan government then, but not any more. It is absurd for the President to, if indeed he made a statement to the effect that we ordinary people should not hold him to blame for our nation bleeding from all nooks and crannies. The frequency of these massacres erroneously blamed on largely innocent cattle herders when they are the handiwork of terrorist jihadists is particularly embarrassing.

To start with, the President is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of this nation meaning that every aspect of our national security ends on his table. If the Federal cabinet had the right people in the right places, the security of this nation would not be on the verge of total collapse as it is today. We are in this terrible mess today because there is an almost total lack of control to start with in the ranks of the security forces.

The truth be told, we have a Police force only preoccupied with requirements for their daily survival and so there is no commitment to service. I did mention in an earlier post how an AIG was captured on television presenting cheques of N 25 million naira only to 50 families of our policemen who lost their lives in the course of service to all of us. Each family received about N500,000 only, that is assuming they got same amount each. This display clearly shows the little premium we pay for policing our nation. Except for their basic pay which comes from the Federal government, the Nigerian Police depends on States and Local governments for some of their operational costs.
The Federal legislators are complicit in the apparent neglect of the Nigeria Police yet they turn around to rely on these impoverished policemen for their security. There has been this running battle between the IGP and the National Assembly but this ought not be used to try getting even with the police as an institution.

Informing this post is the utterly condemnable security situation in Plateau State. The slaughter of over 200 defenceless civilians by a thoroughly deranged gang of jihadists for no other reason than the alleged rustling of cows is totally reprehensible. If indeed some cattle were rustled, did the law in Nigeria prescribe that the cow owners should take the law into their hands? The action very clearly shows that the terrorist jihadists and their sponsors have no respect for the laws of the land.

The action by the Inspector General Of Police of relieving the Plateau State Police Commissioner of his duty smacks of the very height of arbitrariness. If the IGP has any conscience at all, many Nigerians would have expected that he should have been the person to have been relieved of his command. Most Nigerians are of the view that the current IGP has held the command for far too long. It will be recalled that in the same Plateau State some years back another Police Commissioner was indicted for apparent negligence in discharging his duties in a situation not too far from the current incident and was for immediate retirement but because of the jaundiced system in operation, that Commissioner survived and enjoyed rapid promotion ending up as IGP. Singling out the Plateau State Police Commissioner for this sort of treatment by the IGP is simply bereft of common sense and symptomatic of arbitrariness.

As a nation and a people, we do not appear to be learning from our past experiences. It was Einstein who defined madness to mean doing the same thing all over again and expecting different results. Our response of ‘do as I say’ by the government has always been to rush truckloads of security forces especially the Mobile Policemen whose actual role and training is geared towards situations such as have occurred on the Plateau. Rather than focusing on reining in the terrorists, they are usually deployed to be a bulwark against any possible attempt by the victims to either defend themselves or seek revenge. While doing this, the terrorists have all the time to escape or hide their arms and melt into the population. The moment this happens the victims are left to pick up the pieces of their lives, the rest of the nation very quickly forgets and awaits the next episode which as it were lurks around the corner.

Accompanying desultoriness is perfunctoriness which is why our nation is having to shed this much blood. The nation got it all wrong from the onset when the carnage was taking place in Agatu in Benue State and Southern Kaduna of Kaduna State. These targets were further expanded to include technically the whole of the Middle Belt. The strategic reason has been to supplant the people’s in this choiced food basket of the nation. The jihadists hid behind the quest for fertile grazing lands for the Fulani herders to unleash a toxic mix of death and destruction on the hapless and defenceless peoples of the region. Close as Southern Kaduna is to the seat of power no concern was shown. The Minister of the interior who had the habit of visiting areas of conflict was so hesitant about visiting the area but when eventually he did, accompanied by the IGP many of our people lay in mass graves dotting the scorched landscape. It was in the course of that visit that the IGP entangled himself in an argument over the number of people killed by the terrorists even when he could not deny that the killings did take place.

Complicit in the genocide is the Miyetti Allah leadership of the Fulani herders who have always been quick to rise up in defence of the terrorists. Not once, not twice but many times Miyetti Allah did grant press conferences in defence of the killers. The authorities have heard about these press conferences, they know the leadership of Miyetti Allah but did nothing to arrest and prosecute them. Such lethargy is what has emboldened the killers to continue cutting down the precious lives of innocent people while creating the impression in the minds of the victim population that the killers have obtained licence to kill from the Federal government.

The toxic rhetoric being spewed by characters as Brig Gen. Mansur Dan Ali the Defence minister is dislocating to the most patriotic Nigerian. The Defence minister has clearly reduced himself to being an advocate for the feudal or Fulani interest. Paradoxically, his native Zamfara has had much more than their fair share in the slaughter under his watch as Minister of Defence. This is what to expect from a country where appointments including serious appointments as that of Defence are simply shared to States without minding the level of preparedness. A serious government would not forgive such insensitivity from a man on whose shoulders lies the responsibility for keeping all of us safe. There are clearly no controls in this government which is why some of the ministers are acting and behaving as outlaws. Much as one tries, there is nowhere to put the blame apart from on the President’s desk. For the President to now tells us not to blame him for the state of insecurity in the country without suggesting who we should blame elicits bitter laughter. After recalling the President’s ” I belong to everybody and to nobody ” famous speech or words to that effect, I am forced to wonder if indeed the President meant what he said given the lackadaisical manner in which he or his government has been responding to the menace of the jihadist hiding behind Fulani herder’s interests. I know and believe that the Nigerian military has much more than the capacity to rout the terrorists gangs rampaging unchallenged throughout our nation. The level of impunity is creating the impression as if the Fulani are everyone’s else’s overlords on our land when history tells us very clearly who came from where. Miyetti Allah or whatever cartel is providing arms and logistics to the jihadists must know that the people, now victims of their senseless genocide are much more than capable of undertaking their own defence in a fair situation. The Fulani know this to be true except they read or are reading the wrong history.

At the core of the current upheavals i

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.