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Q2 Fundraising For Biden’s Reelection Campaign Racks Up $72m, More Than Double What Trump Could Muster

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July 15, 2023



Biden (right), Harris.


Occupy Democrats @OccupyDemocrats have announced that President Biden has racked up another victory in his reelection campaign by raising a staggering $72 million in the second quarter of fundraising — more than double what Donald Trump raised.

According to Biden’s team, they also have $77 million in cash on hand which amounts to “the highest total amassed by a Democrat at any comparable point in history.”

“30% of donors are new ones who didn’t contribute to Biden in 2020. The average grassroots donation was $39 and 97% of donations were less than $200. Biden has the support of the people.

“The Biden-Harris team dramatically outraised the announced totals from every GOP candidate running for president, including Donald Trump by more than 2:1 and Ron DeSantis by more than 3:1,” the Biden campaign said in a statement.

Trump took in $35 million, a number that was inflated by a boost in donations from hardcore Republicans that flowed in after he was indicted for his alleged federal crimes. Even then, it wasn’t enough to outpace Biden.

Biden-Harris campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez ripped into Trump while touting Biden’s astonishing fundraising—

“While Republicans are burning through resources in a divisive primary focused on who can take the most extreme MAGA positions, we are significantly outraising every single one of them — because our team’s strength is our grassroots supporters,” she said.

Fundraising is an important part of electioneering campaigns in the United States of America. It would be recalled that a dry-out of funding persuaded Hilary Clinton to drop out of the race when she first announced her bid, which she eventually dropped out from and Barack Obama who was more politically savvy coasted home to clinch the Democratic Party ticket and eventually, the presidency.

In American politics, any player has to have the stamina for the long haul with an expansive financial war chest.

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