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Raid On Abuja Nudist Clubs, Raping The Girls By Police: A Cultural, Religious And Social Analysis

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April 5, 2019

As the video by Punch newspapers continues to trend where alleged commercial sex workers confessed angrily that men of the police force that arrested them forcefully raped them, the
Federal Capital Territory Police Command has pledged to mete out stiff penalties on any officer found guilty of the alleged harassment and molestation of women at Caramelo Night Club raid in Abuja.

The Command, in a press statement on Friday, May 3, 2019, by ASP Danjuma Tanimu, said a high powered team has been constituted to investigate the veracity of the allegations.

He assured the public of the police’s `zero tolerance for unprofessional disregard to human rights’, noting that ‘as a responsible corporate citizen, the Command views the allegations seriously’’.
Tanimu said investigations was already on in the allegations of rape, severe beating, extortion and maltreatment of some of the women arrested and confined at the Utako Police Division from April 26 to April 29.

The FCTA Joint Task Team, comprising of the Department of Development Control, Abuja Environmental Protection Board and the Social Development Secretariat, raided the club on April 26, 2019.

Before the Abuja night club raid, a Kaduna Shariah Court was said to have jailed two women for wearing skimpy dresses.
The Sharia Court II, sitting at Magajin Gari, Kaduna sentenced 20-year-old Farida Taofiq and Raihana Abbas to two months in prison each for wearing skimpy dresses.

Taofiq and Abbas, residents of Argungu road in Kaduna, were convicted after they pleaded guilty to constituting public nuisance and dressing indecently.

The Judge, Mallam Musa Sa’ad-Goma, however, gave the convicts an option to pay N3,000 fine each.

Sa’ad-Goma also ordered them to return to their parents’ homes. What was not known to have been investigated was why the two girls left their parents’ homes.

Earlier, the Prosecution Counsel, Aliyu Ibrahim, said that Taofiq and Abbas were arrested on April 16, at a black spot along Sabon Gari road roaming the street in skimpy dresses.

In another development, Mr Olusegun Runsewe, Director General, National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), has commended Mr Mohammed Bello, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister for the timely raid and closure of nude clubs in Abuja.

Runsewe said: ”the rise of this ugly and negative recreational pass negated every strand of Nigerian culture”.

” What the FCT minister and his officials have done is not only commendable but also a proactive measure to track down the influencers and marketers of this sodomic expressions, thereby protecting our culture from foreign pollution,” he said.

Runsewe said that the future of Nigeria rests in her young persons who must be protected and discouraged from accepting and practising certain cultures.
He said that those cultures were not only against Christianity and Islam but also against the true living culture of the Nigerian nation.

It really gets interesting for Runsewe to say that nudity is foreign polution.

Elderly Nigerians who lived especially in the Middle belt region which includes the Federal Capital Territory, FCT would recall that before the crisis in 1966, women used leaves to cover their nudity. It barely covered anything, many walked about nude and the beautiful thing about it was that there was hardly ever any report of rape on the women. All of them were either single or married. Nobody cared about anybody’s nudity. Where was the foreign influence then ? The later day foreign influence was in the introduction of textile materials championed by then Head of State, General Yakubu for his Benue Plateau people first and other areas.
Let truth be told.

Runsewe disclosed that NCAC would soon roll out a national cultural campaign against harmful foreign and strange culture targeted at the Nigerian youth.

” Nigeria’s home grown culture must not be overshadowed by this message from the messengers of darkness,” he said.
He urged the Nigerian media and religious bodies to join hands in checking the nude culture.

Going beyond nude culture to religion, many scholars would say that God created Adam. Then from one of his ribs, created Eve (a woman) as helpmate to Adam.
God would commune with them in the Garden of Eden. Both Adam and Eve were naked, and of course they were not ashamed.

Until the serpent that tempted them to eat of the forbidden fruit that the Almighty warned them against, they cared less about their nudity. It was when they ate the forbidden fruit that they suddenly realized that they were naked. The couple quickly sought for leaves to cover their nakedness. It was such a covering that even God had to speak to know where they were.
As in, Adam, where are you?
And he answered (interpretation, words, mine please), ‘ We heard your voice and we hid ourselves because we were naked.

Adam got a query instantly :

How did you know that you were naked?

Now that question sounds like a rebuke whenever a man’s father poses that kind of question. Obviously, Adam and Eve realized that they were naked because they had fallen into sin by eating of the forbidden fruit.
That became the beginning of clothing. It was sin, not an original design.

Now look at it today, even some of the kidnappers on the Abuja – Kaduna Expressway that the police men ought to be chasing, make attempts to rape some of their captives. Some of the kidnappers are said to be foreigners. Even some rogue policemen rape the “skimpily” dressed ladies that they arrest.

Should the police not try to find out why the ladies are out in the streets at night hustling for a coin here and there and proffering solutions to solving this societal problem?

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. Without the services of a prostitute in the Bible, the Chosen people of God would not have taken a city that they were destined to take. A prostitute helped them and she was not condemned like the nobles and people of that city.

In today’s morality, skimpy dresses and prostitution are repugnant. But the best thing is to find a solution to what drives some women into it, rather than abusing them physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are human beings and not as bad as looters, kidnappers or what have you.

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