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Reno Omokri’s Demarketing Of Nigerian Firms With FDI Inputs Is Pushing Ibadan Poultry Farmers Into Huge Losses

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July 25, 2023









The cry of a Republic of Niger table eggs trader has just reached Ibadan, South West Nigeria. A few times every month, he places an order for 4,000 crates of table eggs each trip from Ibadan to be transported in a trailer to Niamey, a business he has been engaged in for over ten years.

Here’s a background to this nature of business:

The climate in Nigeria’s South West would loosely be referred to as warm and wet, therefore amenable for poultry production. This is one major reason that there are large and expansive poultry farms in the country’s South West. There are poultry farms like former President Obasanjo’s Temperance Farms, S&D farms, Animalcare farms, Adewusi farms, Zartech farms and many others. It’s a huge industry out there.

Fresh eggs from Obasanjo’s farm for instance are usually transported by air to most African destinations, fetching 30 million naira daily, according to figures given by Obasanjo’s then spokesman, Femi Fani-Kayode, over twenty years ago on national television.

Point is, the South West produces eggs from it’s farms in millions, but their most profitable markets are in northern Nigeria and other African destinations. Kano state consumes over a million eggs daily. Checks at Bello Road Egg Depot in Kano City can easily reveal this.

But because of the very hot climate in northern Nigeria, poultry production does not do very well all year round there.

Yet the north produces a huge part of poultry production inputs like corn, other grains, bone meal and groundnut cake.

Niger Republic equally produces groundnut cake, thus making the trade arrangement symbiotic between the north and the south west.


Suddenly, media influencer and politician, Reno Omokri started demarketing companies with Foreign Direct Investments components, urging people to disinvest in them, a plan that is being viewed as a calculated attempt aimed at destroying them. Perhaps out of a seeming malicious intent.


Omokri who describes himself as a Gospeller, #FreeLeahSharibu activist #TableShaker. #1 Bestselling Author. @BusinessInsider Influencer of 2022. Hollywood Film Festival Awardee. Globetrotter’ has 2.3M Followers on Twitter, quite an enormous figure.

Some of his 2.3 million followers may probably be from Niger Republic. Nobody knows, but whatever he wakes up in the morning or anytime of the day to tweet, is widely read and widely shared.



Many have seen his tweets demarketing Stanbic Bank, which according to him, is from South Africa, forgetting that quite a few indigenous tier-1 Nigerian banks are operating in Southern, Western and Eastern Africa countries, including the Middle East, Europe and North America, doing Nigeria proud without being hindered. But he wants Nigerians to move their funds out of Stanbic to wholly owned Nigerian banks.



How would he feel if other countries did the same thing?


Well, security officials in Niger Republic officials are implementing what Reno Omokri would prescribe. They have now commenced the blockage of entry of eggs from Nigeria, insisting that Niger Republic should consume only eggs produced in Niger Republic, thus shutting out Nigerian produced eggs. All thanks to the wrong inspiration from demarketing tweets from people that are anti globalization.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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