Scapegoating The Military, Police And Community Leaders Over Insecurity In Nigeria

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May 30, 2019

It is common knowledge that leadership is not an easy task especially in complex climes such as ours, it will therefore be safe to conclude that such arduous tasks be left to those with the capacity to execute same. In more decent and organized setups, you dare not throw yourself into the fray unless you have thoroughly cleaned yourself up and have assessed what needs to be done and how it will be done. You simply cannot gloss over issues that are critical to leading people and in particular, a nation. If you have something to hide, you can bet your life that there are people who make a living rummaging through the garbage heaps to expose you.
Upon being exposed publicly, you will be compelled to throw in the towel. That of course is what obtains in the more advanced democracies.

In our own case, we are still comfortable calling our effort by many names as if to justify its failings, including nascent or young democracy even after almost 20 years we still describe it in demeaning words hardly giving it a chance to grow because the same errors are repeated day in, day out.The situation in Nigeria is bad enough, but as bad as it is, each time the tenure of a government expires, candidates will be falling over each other to occupy the vacant positions, even when they have nothing to offer.

It has always been easy claiming or promising change but what manner of change?
It would have been natural to expect that a candidate who has thrown himself/herself up for an office to have carefully conducted a detailed study of that office as to know the weaknesses and strengths. It is after this that, you then put together a team that will help you to draw up a working plan which hopefully should guide you to success, should you get a go at occupying the office.

It is in the light of this that a retired senior Military Officer once described Nigeria as a country where anything goes.

Our country Nigeria has had it good by way of abundant natural and human resources however, the nation has not been blessed with skillful leaders endowed with the skills and or capacity to weave these huge potentials as to build a strong nation. It is tragic that smaller nations like Rwanda have come out smartly from a genocidal war unprecedented since the Jewish Holocaust. Since independence, Nigeria has squandered many an opportunity to build a strong nation.

Exactly, what is wrong with us?
One is inclined to think that the nation may be jinxed one way or another otherwise why is it working for others but not for us?

Part of the answer could be that we have always put forward clueless individuals for leadership positions especially at the highest level. The nation has become victim of her internal contradictions which is why like a snail she drags her burden along and unable to make any significant progress. In any case what do you expect when at independence, the departing colonial regime chose to hand over political power to those who were the least prepared to lead the nation. Our greatest undoing has been the same old problems Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu gave as justification for the first military coup. Since then, nothing has changed, for a fact, those same problems rather than abating have grown exponentially.

Would a just nation for example in the 21 Century ever think of seizing land from communities to create cattle colonies for the convenience of a select ethnic group? Would a sane leadership be seen or even perceived to be promoting the interest of one faith above others in a secular country? Put simply the nation, this nation is led by old fashioned leaders who are out of touch with reality and so the nation wobbles on.

Playing the blame game has been the stock in trade of leaders in this country. It is much easier to blame but there is no use blaming when there is no viable solution. As far as I am concerned, it is the very height of absurdity to continue to blame those who supposedly put the nation in this mess even after you have held power for 4 years. The understanding I have is that the leaders from the onset were only interested in grabbing power and not knowing what to do with it. Bad as the situation may have been, good leadership should have done the magic, instead the nation is as if atop a banana peel.

Four years on, Boko Haram is still a potent force and what Boko Haram should have been doing is being done by a mix of Fulani terrorists and messengers of death wherever they go. The open spaces have been taken over by the terrorists and kidnapping gangs have been operating at will when they want and where they decide. The so-called Fulani herders problem was in my humble view deliberately created to supplant many ethnic nationalities particularly in the Middle Belt from their ancestral lands. The nation as things stand is heated up almost to boiling point as in Zamfara, Kaduna and Katsina States, death, tears and sorrow are common denominators.

Do something about this ugly situation and stop the blame game was someone’s contribution to the discourse a few days back. The PDP has been scapegoated for far too long.
it is far past time that the governing APC made the difference.

When just a few days back, the President was still engaged in blaming others but himself and the government he leads for the insecurity in the land, it was not really funny to those who listened in. The Police had more than a fair share of the blame for the insecurity but then what has been done to build up the capacity of the police to performs even the most basic routine functions?

Community leaders were not left out of the blame game. While a few of the community leaders may have been found to be complicit in the insecurity, in the land, the wholesale blame to me is most unjustified.

Where was the President when governor Nasiru El Rufai sacked scores of traditional rulers and community leaders from their positions thus creating a void in the leadership at various levels? He dubiously embarked on creating Fulani enclaves which he has gazetted as Emirates in typically ethnic lands to the chagrin and consternation of the ethnic communities.

How do these unjust and completely insane moves foster peace?
In the circumstance, our Military has done well to have pushed the Boko Haram insurgents to a corner of town but even the military did not completely go without some of the blame. Equipment failures are largely responsible for the near stalemate in the theatre of operations a situation which only the government can reverse.

Concluding this post, the people are tired of listening to this buck passing. There can be no further justification for blaming others. To our President, you sought the opportunity to lead, we gave you the mandate to lead, please lead us well so we can see results, but please stop scapegoating others.

Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd) .

He writes from Kaduna State.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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