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Senatorial Ambitions To A Presidential Declaration: Why The Shifting Sands Of Oshiomole’s Politics Elicits Giggles

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May 7, 2022



First meeting of Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki (left), after Oshiomole’s ill adviced push, Obaseki’s forced departure from the APC into the PDP and his resounding win back to office for his final term has left Oshiomole stranded politically.


By Greg Abolo



Ever since the ill thought out and wrong foot forward move made by former Edo State governor who was also one time All Progressive Congress (APC) Chairman made by denying a sitting governor a ticket in his home state thinking that being a godfather is a professional calling, Adams Oshiomole has been struggling with every fiber of his being and every sinew of his strength to bounce back into political reckoning without success.

He must be bitterly sad that the gods of Edo misled him with the active connivance of hubris to fight state governor Godwin Obaseki in public, leading to the governor’s painful exit from All Progressive Congress (APC) into the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Oshiomole forgot that by being helped to win in the courts and becoming Edo State governor whereby he openly declared an end to godfatherism in Edo State, his turn around to become yet another godfather, the gods of the land took notice. You can’t pledge in Edo openly to do something, then turn around to do quite another and the gods of that land will keep quiet. They understand your DNA and have it’s footprints. They would angrily twerk the hubris and the person would keep on falling from one mistake to the other.

So it is with the one time famous labour leader.

Politically, it was incomprehensible that a sitting governor who is doing well, making giant strides to provide light out of the darkness in Edo State and showing the path of brightness in Nigeria, then a self seeking power drunk godfather goes to deny him a second term ticket.

Nigeria has no business being in darkness’
Obaseki and the engineering team at the CCETC-Ossiomo Power Plant. Now taking some parts of Edo State out of perennial darkness.



Night view of the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, in Benin City, with lighting from the 55MW CCETC-Ossiomo Independent Power Plant in Edo State.

Oshiomole did that, and he lost on all fronts.

While hibernating in his self imposed political wilderness, he marshalled a team of Edo North political leaders to visit the home of the APC’s only senator from the state, who has been doing well to fund the party in the zone. He wanted Senator Alimikhena’s return ticket snatched from him and given to him, the godfather, by threats in words connoting death as scare tactics. The senator would have served for only two terms by the end of this tenure. Oshiomole does not want him to go for a third term because he wants the ticket for his selfish aggrandizement.

Now, check the statistics. Oshiomole served as labour leader of the Nigerian Labour Congress for many terms. He also served as governor of Edo State for two terms. He also became APC party leader with so much crisis and controversy trailing his tenure, leading it to lose it’s only governorship seat in the South South. And he did this through his careless and hubristic acts.

This time around, he wanted to cause conflict in the Edo North Senatorial district by attempting to snatch the ticket for his next political foray, which would be characterized once more by his flaws again.

Despite the presentation of Edo North’s retired army top shots that the former leader skillfully enlisted into the APC for a moment like this, retired Major Francis Alimikhena, now a senator, respectfully acknowledged the retired general, but humbly resisted the snatch of his ticket, pledging to meet them at the primaries.

Oshiomole must have realized the futility of his move. He has thus changed to trading in the political stock exchange by indicating his interest in joining the presidential race. He knows that the presidential ticket race is crowded according to a tweet by party insider, Femi Fani-Kayode who is himself suspected of hoping to be Vice presidential candidate to Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi State.


How can a party that needs only one presidential candidate have a whopping 40 candidates, still counting, jostling for the ticket?

And they all paid 100 million naira each.
What are they looking for in that crowded space ?

The answer is political trade and investment. Many of them are hoping to buy the promissory note of ministerial positions from the eventual ticket winner when they withdraw.

Some would want to be paid perhaps a billion naira for an investment of a hundred million naira after less than one year of political horse trading.

Oshiomole seems likely to join them, because Alimikhena has vowed not to give in to intimidation, despite the presence of star studded retired army Generals. He prefers to present himself as a servant to the people of Edo North, who alone have the power of the ballot.

The die is cast.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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