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South Africa’s Peace March Against Xenophobia, As Ramaphosa Acts Under Pressure To Despatch Envoys (video)

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September 17, 2019

Cyril Ramaphosa,  President of South Africa.

After weeks of xenophobic attacks against immigrants of African origin in South Africa leading to killings, looting and arson with a conniving police and grandstanding government, intense pressure has come upon the Cyril Ramaphosa led government to move swiftly through peace envoys to African capitals of Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana etc,
asking for mercy and forgiveness .

South African women married to Nigerian men have cried out against their rampaging and blood thirsty brothers to stop killing their husbands.

So has discerning women cried out in videos reminding their countrymen to remember that most of their hospitals are run by Nigerian doctors.

The pleas of the good people of South Africa against xenophobia in their country asking for forgiveness, seems more acceptable than the lying lips of its government through its shuttle diplomats who sat idly by while evil was being perpetrated under their watch .

Going by the stance of some South African government ministers and the police, it is obvious that Cyril Ramaphosa’s move to apologize was because citizens have started protesting, the opposition reaction is getting more popular while the government has failed to address the challenges facing the ordinary people.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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