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Southern Kaduna Union Rejects Call For Igbo Expulsion From North, Wants Nigeria Restructured

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July 05, 2017

SOKAPU rises against Igbo expulsion from the North.

Igbos resident in the north of Nigeria may have to heave a sigh of relief as the call by the Arewa Youths for their expulsion has been rejected by a critical section of indigenous but minorities group in the north, the Southern Kaduna People’s Union, known by it’s acronym, the SOKAPU.
The union is an umbrella body of minority ethnic groups who predominate the southern Kaduna region in Nigeria’s north west.
They are mainly Christians, Animists but with pockets of Muslims.

A ‘quit the North’ before October 1st, order had been issued by the Arewa youths in the area who are mostly Muslims, angry that the Igbos are agitating for a pull out of Nigeria to become an independent Biafran nation.
The Igbos claim that Nigeria has not been treating them right. And the country’s president Mr. Muhammadu Buhari ensured that the leader of the separatist group, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu was thrown into jail without bail.
He’s out now, receiving so much reverence from his adoring followers.

The SOKAPU body issued their rejection of the order in a communique issued after a stakeholders meeting on June 24th 2017 in Kafanchan whereby they stated that “SOKAPU stands in solidarity with Igbos against the parochial and sectional threats issued by a Coalition of exclusionists and sectional Youth groups”.

The meeting went further to support the agitation for the restructuring of Nigeria but insists that “Southern Kaduna must be represented at the negotiating table with all other groups in a fair, balanced and acceptable manner”.

In addition “agreed on the resolution reached in the June 21 Communiqué of the Middle Belt Forum which insists that Nigeria be restructured into 12 confederating regions” and also “unanimously called for the implementation of the 2014 Confab report as the starting point for the restructuring of Nigeria”.

They also want a “continued agitation for the creation of Gurara State from the present Kaduna State”.

The call for the expulsion of the Igbos from the northern part of Nigeria drew knocks from the governor of Kaduna State, Mr. Nasir Elrufai who called for the arrest of the Arewa youths that issued the threat in Arewa House, incidentally just a stone throw from the Government House.
So far, the culprits walk around freely and the SOKAPU see hypocrisy in the order and they note in the communique, “that even though the Governor of Kaduna State issued an order for their arrest, Government has employed double standards in failing to demonstrate enough capacity to effect their arrests, whereas government has shown more than enough capacity to arrest, incarcerate and prosecute Southern Kaduna people”.

Furthermore, “SOKAPU reiterates its resolve to continue to have cordial and robust relationship with all progressive people in Kaduna state, communities and nationalities of the South-South; South-West; South -East and other parts of Nigeria”.

The communique was signed by
Barr Solomon K. Musa, SOKAPU President and Comrade Anto Ogah Ambi, who is the National Secretary, SOKAPU


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