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Sudanese Uprising: Unearthing The Hidden Atrocities Of Dictatorial Regimes

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May 3, 2019

It is beginning to look like the determined Sudanese uprising has borrowed a line from the General Ibrahim Babangida coup of 1995 when it promptly ordered the then Secret Service known as Nigerian Security Organization, NSO to open the secret detention centers with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) cameras in tow to reveal the haunted and gaunt frames of citizens in secret detention. Nigeria was appalled and Babangida got approvals easily for championing human rights issues at that stage.

Colonel Ibrahim Chamseddine is one time Sudanese Minister of State in charge of Defence but was arrested and jailed in 1995 by Omar Hassan al-Bashir for opposing the tyrannical dictator.
With Bashir overthrown in an uncompromising people’s uprising and the henchmen of that regime paraded in dog cage-like open vans to jail, prisons were opened to free inmates and Col. Chamseddine’s gaunt and emaciated body was discovered in a jail under a mosque in Sudan.
Whereas he had been declared dead on June 11, 2008.

The state falsely announced that he had died in a plane crash.

His family never believed the fake story but kept hope alive

Alaa Salah helped to light the flame of the Sudanese uprising with her iconic song.

Sudden revolutions have a penchant of exposing the dark secrets of dictators and Africa is learning the art of not keeping them for too long anymore.

22-year-old Architecture student, Alaa Salah with a powerful singing voice that captured the rising defiance of the suppressed Sudanese woman that must be heard. A throwback to what Sudan was before Bashir’s incursion. She was not afraid of being shot or injured by an Omar al Bashir’s military agents.

To cling to power using religion, Omar Hassan Al Bashir imposed Sharia law in Sudan. Those that opposed him, including clerics were arrested, tried and executed.
He banned alcohol in Sudan. But with his sudden and unexpected overthrow, uncountable number of bottles of alcoholic beverages distilled by different companies were discovered in his cellar.

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